Monday, November 28, 2016

You've Come a Long Way Baby - Kitchen Reveal

It's been quite the journey...
From brown, dusty, and outdated (with an ugly wallpaper border thrown in):

To painted, a chalkboard wall, and the upper cabinet removed from over the bar:
(I still love my chalkboard wall!)

To now with its granite counters, beadboard backsplash, and new paint on the lower cabinets. We still need to do the ceiling but with the weather cooling off, we need to work outside (there's a wedding we need to get ready for!). So for now the kitchen is done and I love it.

The stove side - I left the upper cabinets closed on this side. Sometimes stuff needs to be hidden from view- ha!
Love my chicken rug!
I adore my under cabinet lights!

New jar canisters with red lids. *more love*

On the sink side I had previously removed the upper cabinet doors but there was no backing to the cabinets - just wallboard. So Bruce added the beadboard to the backs. He's my hero! Each section had to be cut to fit and of course, they were all different. Did I mention Bruce is my hero? :o)

Oh how I love my new sink and faucet!

 Then there's this cabinet above the refrigerator. The door swung up. Not very practical and very hard to reach when you're not very tall. I took the door off, had Bruce back it with beadboard and now I have an out of the way spot to put some of my cookbooks and a few of my mom's old things.

Then I needed a rug for in front of the sink but I couldn't find what I wanted in the stores. Josh and Main had a great selection and I found just what I wanted! (No one paid me to mention them - I'm just happy I found what I wanted for a good price!) It's soft and cushy underfoot and the red stripes goes with the Target chicken rug in front of the stove! Plus red. Need I say more? :o)

The chalkboard wall finally got a plug (Thanks again, Bruce!) so we made a coffee cart.

I can't tell you how nice it is to have the coffee pot and Keurig off the counter! The Frostie crate holds the k-cups and the coffee and tea.

The under-counter lights are on both sides. Now my kitchen has plenty of light! I love it! And I'm really liking my lower cabinets painted the darker shade. It just looks cleaner than the white did. I adore the two-toned look.

I'm so happy with the way the kitchen turned out! No, we didn't do everything we thought we would originally. We didn't reface the cabinet doors (amazing what fresh paint can do!) and the ceiling doesn't have the beadboard on it yet, but I love how the space looks and works now. It's going to be perfect for when we're living here permanently and it's great for now.

Next week, I am participating in Cozy at Christmas Blog Tour hosted by Katie of Let's Add Sprinkles.

I'll be sharing the farmhouse dressed all Christmas Cozy on Tuesday the 6th. I hope you will go check out all the talented bloggers each day!

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Friday, November 25, 2016

What's New in the Tin Roof Art Studio Shop

I've been a busy bee, painting and painting. My shop is full of all kind of new goodies - please let me show you around! And if you're coming over from Jemma's blog and her "Etsy Christmas Shops Features", welcome!
My shop is not an Etsy shop - you find it right here on the blog under the Pages headings - Tin Roof Studio Artwork For Sale. You don't have to go to a separate link and it's easy for me to keep it updated! Here's a peek at what's new!

First up, is my Rustic Christmas collection:
These are small acrylic paintings (from 2.5" x 3.5" to 4" x 5" canvases) mounted on a piece of rustic board, ready to display on a small stand or propped among Christmas greenery.

Next, are the Christmas Collection paintings. They are larger in size- 4"x6" to 11"x14" and are oil paintings:

Then are two new Christmas Card Collections. There is only one set of each of these so get them before they're gone!

Lastly, are a couple of new paintings that are not seasonal! These are also oil paintings.
"Coffee Love"
Palette knife technique

"Rusty & Trusty"

To see prices and details, head over to the Tin Roof Studio shop.
Remember - as a special thank you to Jemma's readers, I am offering free shipping on all orders placed by December 5th. Please mention code *JemmasFeature* when ordering.

Thank you in advance for shopping Tin Roof Studio and thank you, Jemma! Remember, you must mention *JemmasFeature* to receive the free shipping.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Jack Frost Was Here

Jack Frost visited us yesterday morning.

Not a big deal for some of you but here we've been warmer than usual.

It hasn't felt or looked like Fall very much. Finally, a cold front blew in and Sunday morning we woke up to a chilly 32 degrees and frost on the ground!

The sun glittered off the frost before melting it away.

It was quite beautiful.

Because of the warm weather, the trees haven't changed much.

But I still managed to find a few colorful leaves-

As we walked around the farm, I reflected on how much I had to be thankful for - and my heart overflowed.

I hope each one of you have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.


I'll have several new things in the shop on Friday. I hope you'll come back and check it out.

Also, next week I'll be sharing the kitchen reveal and then the following week, I'm joining several talented ladies for the Cozy at Christmas blog tour.
See you then!

Monday, November 14, 2016

X Marks The Spot

There's a very special spot at the farm.

 It's where I'd build a house if we were to do so:

 It's the spot where the view is breathtaking:
Springtime view from top of hill with Dogwood and yellow flowers in bloom
Fall view from beyond the hill looking back 

It's down one hill and up another:
Looking back toward the pond and beyond
It's just past the sometimes pond:

Where the branches from the two large trees intertwine:

And now...

Now it's where two very special and dear to my heart people will exchange wedding vows next year.

It's my favorite spot and they picked it.
The backside of the hill

Megan and Dylan, I'm glad you chose this spot. Here's to making it even more beautiful than it already is.

Monday, November 7, 2016

55 - Oh My!

This past Spring during my nephew's wedding reception, I told my twin sister we needed to start planning a birthday trip for our 55th year. I wanted to go to Disney World. We had a year to plan and save for the trip.

She kindly informed me we turned 55 this November, not next. Wait!! What?!? Oh darn. I was still back in 2015. I hadn't made it to 2016 yet. So no Disney but we did go to Canton First Monday Trade Days. It's as fun if not funner (that's a word, right?). I love shopping the flea market area of Canton and so does Theresa.

We had a blast and found plenty of treasures. Theresa found the large flower pots she wanted - on sale even!!

I love transferware and this "Friendly Village" bowl had to come home with me:

Pyrex is another thing I've fallen in love with. I added these containers to my collection. I just love the green and white design!

I've been wanting an old typewriter. This one was just waiting for me to find it! I can't wait to put notes in it.

This small drop leaf table caught my eye right away. It is narrow enough for my entryway. Theresa bought it for my birthday present!

 Here it is from another angle:

 It opens up to a nice size by swinging out one of the legs on each side. Pretty cool, huh?

The first day we were in Canton, Theresa bought one of these percolators. We made coffee in it the next morning and I decided I needed one. Luckily after some searching on the second day, I found one in perfect condition! It might take awhile to brew the coffee but boy does it taste way better than the drip maker I have.

I was also on the hunt for something unique to use as a paper towel holder. I found it in the silver fondue burner base. It holds it up off the counter and looks great with my new counters!

Pretty leg detail:

Back at the farm, Bruce presented me with a large box and announced he'd gotten me something. What could it be? The metal trash can I asked for?

No! To say I squealed with delight is an understatement! I opened the box to see this:

 I saw this weathervane in Cape Cod this Summer in the garden we got to tour. How I loved it! Would it be possible to find one? Back home, I searched until I found it on the internet. It wasn't cheap but a girl can dream, can't she? On my wish list it went. And Friday, there it was! Thank you, Bruce!! I clapped and danced. :o)

Bruce put it up for me Saturday near the art studio!
 He makes me happy! Flying through the air, where I can easily see him! I'll have to name him.

Friday night, Theresa and I celebrated our Double Nickel with an extraordinary supper at Sabor A Pasion. (It was my gift to her) We even dressed alike for the occasion. (No, we don't normally). LOL.
Me and Theresa celebrating 55 birthdays!
Cheers to my wonderful twin sister, Theresa! Here's to the rest of how ever many we have. You know I'll go to Canton anytime you want. I'm so blessed by you. Love you bunches!

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