Monday, November 28, 2016

You've Come a Long Way Baby - Kitchen Reveal

It's been quite the journey...
From brown, dusty, and outdated (with an ugly wallpaper border thrown in):

To painted, a chalkboard wall, and the upper cabinet removed from over the bar:
(I still love my chalkboard wall!)

To now with its granite counters, beadboard backsplash, and new paint on the lower cabinets. We still need to do the ceiling but with the weather cooling off, we need to work outside (there's a wedding we need to get ready for!). So for now the kitchen is done and I love it.

The stove side - I left the upper cabinets closed on this side. Sometimes stuff needs to be hidden from view- ha!
Love my chicken rug!
I adore my under cabinet lights!

New jar canisters with red lids. *more love*

On the sink side I had previously removed the upper cabinet doors but there was no backing to the cabinets - just wallboard. So Bruce added the beadboard to the backs. He's my hero! Each section had to be cut to fit and of course, they were all different. Did I mention Bruce is my hero? :o)

Oh how I love my new sink and faucet!

 Then there's this cabinet above the refrigerator. The door swung up. Not very practical and very hard to reach when you're not very tall. I took the door off, had Bruce back it with beadboard and now I have an out of the way spot to put some of my cookbooks and a few of my mom's old things.

Then I needed a rug for in front of the sink but I couldn't find what I wanted in the stores. Josh and Main had a great selection and I found just what I wanted! (No one paid me to mention them - I'm just happy I found what I wanted for a good price!) It's soft and cushy underfoot and the red stripes goes with the Target chicken rug in front of the stove! Plus red. Need I say more? :o)

The chalkboard wall finally got a plug (Thanks again, Bruce!) so we made a coffee cart.

I can't tell you how nice it is to have the coffee pot and Keurig off the counter! The Frostie crate holds the k-cups and the coffee and tea.

The under-counter lights are on both sides. Now my kitchen has plenty of light! I love it! And I'm really liking my lower cabinets painted the darker shade. It just looks cleaner than the white did. I adore the two-toned look.

I'm so happy with the way the kitchen turned out! No, we didn't do everything we thought we would originally. We didn't reface the cabinet doors (amazing what fresh paint can do!) and the ceiling doesn't have the beadboard on it yet, but I love how the space looks and works now. It's going to be perfect for when we're living here permanently and it's great for now.

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