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Refreshing the Laundry Room in the City House

Have you ever walked through a room in your house and all of the sudden get hit with the knowledge it's well, awful? That happened to me this past week. I usually come into the city house through the laundry room as it is the pass through from the garage to the house. Just a warning - these aren't pretty staged photos...they're real life. Here's some before pics: door goes to garage cat food on top of the dryer...keeps the dogs out of it :o) opposite the washer and dryer, shelves for storage with a curtain to hide it I see it so often (going out to my car, doing laundry), I've become "blind" to its flaws. That is until last week. Something finally clicked and I saw how shabby it had become. Yikes. Time to make a plan and give this space a makeover. First thing I did was take a look on how the space was used. Here's the list I came up with: 1. My major way in and out of the house - it would be nice to utilize the space with that in

Creative Friday #4 - Time for Tea

Welcome to Creative Friday #4! Today my project is inspired from a trip to England. Once upon a time, I tagged along with my husband to England. I fell in love with the beautiful landscape and the history of the places we went. I adored Bath, and London. Stonehenge was something to see, and the little villages with their picturesque buildings...oh my. I loved it all! But my favorite thing there? Tea time. The thought of a scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam makes me long to go back. Of course, I've tried to recreate it here but clotted cream isn't something I can find, but tea? That I have in droves. :o) Now if I just had a pretty way to display all my different kinds of teas. Then on my last trip to Canton, I found this cute little box on clearance at one of my favorite shops - Simplicity. Loved the size but the Lost & Found on the front would need to go. But its little compartments were perfect for a tea box and the pric

Progress at the Farm

I've been hard at work on the flowerbeds - along the driveway, around the house. Leaves had to be raked and briars dug up. Good grief. Those things have huge wonder you can't kill them! I kept finding more and more until I had a huge pile of potato looking tubers.  The plant is Smilax . It grows all over the place. They fought me leaving me scratched up but I won! The bed is cleaned out.   There were several creeping lantanas in front of the garage. They take over the sidewalk every Summer so I dug them up - all sixteen of them. I transplanted them to the driveway bed which should be the perfect spot for them. They can spread out and bloom away. A big bonus - butterflies love them! I know it doesn't look like much now, but soon the slope will be covered in yellow blooms. My oldest sister gave me 4 native lantana bushes. They got planted along the driveway too in the back of the bed. Oh! While digging the briars out, I ke