The Farmhouse

The farmhouse isn't old but it's not new either. It's cozy at around 1200 sq. ft. but I like cozy. It needed updating and refreshing. I continue to add and tweak as I find treasures/objects to add. Things are slowly coming together! Enjoy the before and after pictures:
The Farmhouse
The before pictures do nothing to show the amount of dust and dirt there was. Poor little house had been neglected.

Living room before - lots and lots of brown paneling:
living room
living room
brick fireplace
The living room after (first round):
living room painted 
View toward the Front door 

The kitchen before:
Notice the odd little door right under the cabinet over the bar…totally unpractical and pretty useless:

The cabinet over the bar blocks the view and makes the kitchen feel closed off:
fruit border and cabinet over the bar

back door
Kitchen redo in progress:

All the doors and drawers ready to paint

cabinet over bar removed

Wired for the pendants!
Pendants added:

Just need to paint the inside of the top cabinets by the sink
cabinet back painted
Finished kitchen with chalkboard wall
This past Summer (2016), we updated the countertops and backsplash, sink and faucet, painted the lower cabinets grey, and put beadboard backing in the open cabinets:

Dining Room Before - more paneling:
Dining room

Dining room in progress

Painted and a Galvanized tub light added:
the finished dining room

The Bathroom before:
pink, lacy, and dusty

Bathroom after:

In July of 2015, we completely gutted the bathroom and replaced the tub with a huge shower and put in a new vanity and wood look tile floor.

We used an old buffet for the vanity. I just love it!

Master Bedroom Before:

Just had to sweep and add furniture to it:
Old door used for headboard

Small church pew I painted and put at the foot of the bed:

In February of 2015, I decided it was time to refresh the master bedroom so I painted the walls, we added a barn door for the closet door, and refreshed the decor.

Laundry Room Before:
Lots of shelves, lots of potential!
I had fun with the laundry room - removed the cabinet by the window, added rusted tin wainscoting, a tin shutter on the window, curtain over the shelves, and a fun door from the kitchen to the laundry room:

Eventually, I want to tear out the built in shelving and make it more functional as it will become my pantry when we move up here. Maybe a project for 2018?

I love the way the laundry turned out.

Guest Room Before:
while the paint looks fairly new, it is too peachy for my taste
I repainted the guest room in Creamy Mushroom. Plus I took my mom's old bedroom furniture, stained it blue to use in there.

My mom's furniture looks great in it's new blue color and the room is warm and inviting. I've had guests stay and they love it. My mom would be thrilled to know her furniture is being used.

For now, the house is done - at least until we move up there permanently or I either add things or want to change things up.


  1. Hi Cecelia! It seems we have a bit in common! I didn't know your farm was your weekend place. Like us, we go to our cabin on weekends and if you look at our before/afters you will know I can relate to the amount of work you needed to do! Also, it seems we started blogging at the same time in April. What part of the country are you in?

    Great job with everything you did! It's work, but it's a labor of love, wouldn't you say?

  2. Love the progress. This is a weekend place? nice.

    1. Yes, it is for now. Our plan is to move there in five years...ok, more like four since a year has gone by! Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Wow - you really turned the house around! Love the door headboard and the art deco vanity!

    1. Thank you Kelly! It has been great fun. Since we're not living there yet, I was able to convince my husband to let me do some fun things like the chalkboard wall and rusty tin wainscot in the laundry and paint the wood, etc. thank you for visiting!

  4. Your house has great bones, Cecilia, and you've done a great job of transforming it into your farmhouse style. Painting paneling makes such a difference, doesn't it? I'm loving the way your kitchen turned out. What a difference you made. Your laundry room is super cute. I'd like to invite you to come and share it at my Every Room In The House party. We're partying in the laundry room, so if you have a laundry room post that you could link up, I now it would be a huge inspiration to those who see it. Here' the link:
    Hope to see you there! xxx ~ Nancy

    1. Thanks, Nancy! It is a sturdy little house and I love it! Painting the paneling made all the difference in the world! It felt like a hunting cabin before and now it feels very farmhouse-ish. I'd love to share my laundry room at your party. Thanks for the invite!

  5. Wow you have done a lot of work! It looks fantastic Cecilia. I bet you and hubby can hardly wait for the big move.

    1. Thank you so much. It was rather labor intensive the first year...I hardly went outside the first six months. Lol. We absolutely love it and are counting down the time for the move!

  6. Congrats - your farmhouse looks fantastic! I love how you've taken antiques and given them a fun, fresh new life!

    1. Thank you! I'm in the process of prettying up the Master bedroom! A few more tweaks!


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