Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Progress at the Farm

I've been hard at work on the flowerbeds - along the driveway, around the house.

Leaves had to be raked and briars dug up. Good grief. Those things have huge tubers...no wonder you can't kill them!
I kept finding more and more until I had a huge pile of potato looking tubers.  The plant is Smilax. It grows all over the place.

They fought me leaving me scratched up but I won! The bed is cleaned out. 

 There were several creeping lantanas in front of the garage. They take over the sidewalk every Summer so I dug them up - all sixteen of them. I transplanted them to the driveway bed which should be the perfect spot for them. They can spread out and bloom away. A big bonus - butterflies love them!

I know it doesn't look like much now, but soon the slope will be covered in yellow blooms.

My oldest sister gave me 4 native lantana bushes. They got planted along the driveway too in the back of the bed.

Oh! While digging the briars out, I kept finding these concrete edger pieces buried under the dirt. Once upon a time, I think there were some really pretty flowerbeds here. #thankyouformerowners! 

I used them to edge the back flowerbed behind the garage. It should help keep the dirt and plants where they belong. :o)

Jay and Bruce got all the leaves raked up in the front wooded area where the little dogwood tree is budding out. I see a flower peeking out at me!

I'm excited about getting this area cleaned up! I can't wait to plant a woodland garden!
Random bulbs that were half buried in the leaves!

I can just picture a pretty bench in this area facing the house with pretty plants. With the years of leaf accumulation gone, I can finally see my vision coming to life!

Plus, I started weeding the front flowerbed. Can I just say it's going to take time? #neglectedforwhoknowshowmanyyears and full of weeds.

Spring is showing up early in all sorts of ways - tiny wild violets

With several of the trees sporting a hint of green and the redbuds blooming.

The bees were buzzing all over the redbuds! #buzzbuzz

And all the outside trim on the studio is up and painted! Woohoo! It looks so good!

Next time the door will get its new red coat. Then the outside will officially be done and it's onto the interior!

Definitely making progress! It sure helps that the weather has been so mild. I just hope we can get most of the outside stuff done before the heat hits. All in all, it was a very productive couple of weekends.


  1. Great job, Cecilia! The golden lantana will be beautiful--that's what I have planted near my blue sage and the colors look great together. The pollen count here yesterday was the lowest it had been in months, allowing me to start cleaning up the garden for spring. Lots left to do, but it felt great to get started. Hugs, Cecilia

  2. I can totally see your vision Cecilia! It's going to look great...both the garden and your studio. I'm so jealous of that studio!! You're rockin' it :).

  3. Great job! Everything is looking so great and ready for all the pretty flowers. I cannot wait to see the door to your studio in red. It is coming along so nicely.

  4. Signs of spring everywhere...I love the photo of the redbud tree! The studio is looking wonderful!

  5. You are working so hard! That briar is one mean weed. Looking really good and so nice to see some Spring flowers popping up. Our Redbuds are in bud, but not real showy yet. Surprised to see our Mountain Laura in full bloom. I am so excited for you that you are getting a studio.
    Audrey Z.

  6. Everything is coming along beautifully. Can't wait to see your flower beds in bloom and your studio all ready to go.

    1. Me too, Sharon! It's going to be wonderful!

  7. Oh your farm is going to be so lovely this Spring...I can just imagine everything in bloom!


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