Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Farmhouse Fall and Studio Progress

With the wedding just around the corner, I've been busy making lists and working on those last minute projects. We're pretty much ready but I'm afraid of leaving something at home that I'll need...like my dress. Ha.

We're meeting with Megan and Dylan tonight to go over everything to see what still needs to be done but I'm feeling pretty good about it all.

Today will be my last post before the wedding, so I'm going to take a detour and actually share some Fall around the farmhouse. I took most of these pictures before the wedding stuff invaded the house.😊
Chalkboard sign on a cutting board:

Thanksgiving sign on the mantel - perfect with leaf garland and a string of lights:

This pillow from Stein Mart has a softer feel - Love the big green pumpkin behind the 2 orange ones:

Remember the kitchen towels and placemats I found? Here they are made up into pillows. The fox and squirrel make me smile:

And the Sunflower ones turned out beautifully! Sunflowers say "Fall" to me! So cheerful too.

I found this metal shelf at the thrift store - it was $2.99. You bet I grabbed it up. A fresh coat of paint and dark wax and it's all refreshed. Perfect for the entryway:

It's going to be fun to style for the seasons. I think I might put my old window underneath it on the table.  I still need to play with the wall space around it but I like it so far.

 The wreath was also a thrift store find - the ribbon has "Give Thanks" on it and the plate has "In Everything Give Thanks". Just sweet reminders of thankfulness.

 In the living room, I set up my old typewriter with a cute fox and along side of that a couple of plates with foxes and hunt scene.

Aren't they perfect for Fall?
More sunflowers:

The guest room is ready for guests where "Every birdie is welcome":

On the vanity is a collection of watch faces I found. The Mickey Mouse one may be my favorite:

 The bathroom tiered tray is stocked with pretty mini soaps in the galvanized scoop:

And the metal truck is ready to haul giant pumpkins and hay bales:

 More decor in the living room - The chickens stand in front of an old milk crate decorated with an antique pulley and flour sifter filled with berries:

The lantern is filled with mini pumpkins and gourds:

A wire basket continues the sunflower theme with added Fall leaves:

On the fireplace insert, more sunflowers and an old pitcher:

Even the flowerbed out front got dressed for Fall with a friendly scarecrow on the toy tractor. All he needs is some mums and pumpkins!
 He was quite fun to make - I found the clothes at the thrift store for cheap, I made the head and painted the face on it and stuffed him with polyfil enclosed in plastic bags. Lastly, I stuffed hay around his neck and coming out for hands and feet. Come winter, I'll replace him with my snowman.

Lastly, I need to share the progress on the studio:
The bathroom door was framed out and hung (it opens up onto the exterior wall right now but the opening will get cut when the bathroom is built). I'll probably dress the door up somehow in the future.

Then Bruce found these doors for the opening in the back. I love them! They will keep that back corner from feeling dark and dreary!

Bruce and Jay spent that weekend framing up the opening - hopefully they will be hung next week before the wedding. Then the studio will be completely dried in!

I just had to spend a day out there painting. Let me tell you, the light was fantastic!

The table my paintbrushes and paint are sitting on was left by the previous owners. It's the perfect height for painting - it needs a new top but I'm going to try to preserve the chippy paint finish on it.

So that's it until after the wedding. It still hasn't quite sunk in it's almost here. Really hoping for rain this week so we can have fireworks after the reception. That and a crisp Fall day the day of the wedding! Take care and I'll see you in a couple of weeks with wedding pictures!

😊 Cecilia

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Repurposing Bits and Pieces for Wedding Signs

Well, we are now less than three weeks from the wedding. Hard to believe, right? I feel like I have so much to share but today I will stick to a couple. My friends gave Megan a shower - they did a great job decorating and all.

She got lots of nice gifts - she was excited to get nice stuff to replace all the old college housewares. :)
Me, Megan, and her grandmother
Me and Megan

A friend had an old crib that no longer worked so she asked me if I wanted it. Of course, I said yes! I instantly knew what I'd do with the pieces.

But first, I needed to paint the arrow signs and entry sign onto old fence pickets. I sanded the wood just enough to get a smooth enough surface for lettering, then painted the arrow pickets white.

Next, I laid out a stencil and traced my words. Then I started painting.


Just need to outline the letters in black!

All the rails got a good coat of chalk paint.

When everything was dry, I assembled the signs, attaching the pickets onto the rails. This will make placing the signs so much easier!

Ta-da! I really like the way they turned out. I still need an arrow on the "Happily Ever After Begins Here" sign but I will attach that when I put the sign in place. (I'm not sure exactly where I'll place it and the arrow needs to point the right way. 😀)

And the head and foot boards? They became an easel sign - painted ASCP old white along the edges and black chalkboard paint in the center.

Attached at top with wire and chain on the sides. Not sure yet if we will write the menu on it or some other message but love how it turned out!

We still have little projects to do but all the major ones are done. We are ready to party!

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Someone Hand Me A Hankie

The wedding is just a month away, y'all! And we are up to our eyeballs in projects:

Paper flowers
bean bags for the cornhole game and vases of flowers
vases, vases everywhere!

Wildflower seed packets to toss

Yard games
Cornhole game being painted

And so many other bits and pieces of planning:

We strung up lights outside.

We talked about where the directional arrows and signs needed to go.
arrows ready for words
I checked the length of the string to see if I had enough to string along the path. There is.

We stood on the hill Monday with the Bluetooth speaker and played music to see if it would work. It did.

We had Bruce drive the truck to the drop off place to see if the noise of the truck drowned out the music. It didn't.

I stood next to Megan talking about the big day and I started crying. Drat it. My mom was a crier. It always embarrassed me. I swore I wouldn't be one. And yet here I was, tears running down my face. Mom, your legacy lives on. 😂
bin of flowers ready for vases
Can someone hand me a hankie? I think I need a pretty one for the big day.

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