Thursday, September 7, 2017

Someone Hand Me A Hankie

The wedding is just a month away, y'all! And we are up to our eyeballs in projects:

Paper flowers
bean bags for the cornhole game and vases of flowers
vases, vases everywhere!

Wildflower seed packets to toss

Yard games
Cornhole game being painted

And so many other bits and pieces of planning:

We strung up lights outside.

We talked about where the directional arrows and signs needed to go.
arrows ready for words
I checked the length of the string to see if I had enough to string along the path. There is.

We stood on the hill Monday with the Bluetooth speaker and played music to see if it would work. It did.

We had Bruce drive the truck to the drop off place to see if the noise of the truck drowned out the music. It didn't.

I stood next to Megan talking about the big day and I started crying. Drat it. My mom was a crier. It always embarrassed me. I swore I wouldn't be one. And yet here I was, tears running down my face. Mom, your legacy lives on. 😂
bin of flowers ready for vases
Can someone hand me a hankie? I think I need a pretty one for the big day.


  1. Oh, Cecilia! You're making me cry, too, and I've been called a no-nonsense type person! Everything is coming along beautifully! You'll be ok and anyway, you're suppose to cry! It's a very, very happy occasion! Now, somebody, please give Cecilia a gorgeous hanky to hold!!! Wish I had one!

    1. Aw, thanks Gail. You're so sweet! Everything is coming along beautifully. I'm so excited I might burst! Thing is, I'm not one of those who look pretty when they cry. Lol. Oh well. I'll be beaming from ear to ear even if tears are making my nose run and my eyes all red!

  2. Cecilia I am sooooo excited for you. Just a short month away and you will have the most beautiful wedding gifted. Enjoy every minute. It is over in a flash. Amazing how it takes months to prepare and in one short day/evening it is over. Try to savor every minute and remember to take it all in. Can't wait to see pictures after the wedding.

    1. Thank you so much, Kris. Trying to hold onto every minute! It's all just so sweet! I will definitely share photos. It's going to be wonderful!

  3. Oh my gosh Cecilia this is so exciting, you made me feel like I was there with you. It's certainly times like these that we remember family who aren't with us mom died when I was 24 so she was not there to see me get married. It was a bittersweet day for me:) Your daughter is SO lucky to have such a sweet, talented, and yes -- sentimental mom! Btw, those lights look awesome (how romantic!)
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. Thanks Kathleen! It is very exciting! I love the lights - instead of a dance they are having yard games so we need it well lit up. But I've always loved the twinkle lights outside...I'm hoping the hubby will leave them up after the wedding! We have too many who won't be here to celebrate with us. Dylan lost his mom too when he was young. Megan only has one grandmother left but thankfully she is able to come. I'm going to try not to "ugly" cry. LOL.

  4. Aww, I teared up reading this--obviously I'm a crier too ;) The wedding is going to be so special and artistic ~ a reflection of your legacy to Megan! Hugs, Cecilia

  5. I would cry like a baby if I were there with you! It sounds like you have everything just right and I know it will be beautiful!

  6. Oh goodness, I love everything you have done, right down to the seeds and suitcase. It will all be so beautiful. There is nothing wrong with happy emotional tears, or any tears. Wow it will be a quick month for you. :)


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