Thursday, September 21, 2017

Repurposing Bits and Pieces for Wedding Signs

Well, we are now less than three weeks from the wedding. Hard to believe, right? I feel like I have so much to share but today I will stick to a couple. My friends gave Megan a shower - they did a great job decorating and all.

She got lots of nice gifts - she was excited to get nice stuff to replace all the old college housewares. :)
Me, Megan, and her grandmother
Me and Megan

A friend had an old crib that no longer worked so she asked me if I wanted it. Of course, I said yes! I instantly knew what I'd do with the pieces.

But first, I needed to paint the arrow signs and entry sign onto old fence pickets. I sanded the wood just enough to get a smooth enough surface for lettering, then painted the arrow pickets white.

Next, I laid out a stencil and traced my words. Then I started painting.


Just need to outline the letters in black!

All the rails got a good coat of chalk paint.

When everything was dry, I assembled the signs, attaching the pickets onto the rails. This will make placing the signs so much easier!

Ta-da! I really like the way they turned out. I still need an arrow on the "Happily Ever After Begins Here" sign but I will attach that when I put the sign in place. (I'm not sure exactly where I'll place it and the arrow needs to point the right way. 😀)

And the head and foot boards? They became an easel sign - painted ASCP old white along the edges and black chalkboard paint in the center.

Attached at top with wire and chain on the sides. Not sure yet if we will write the menu on it or some other message but love how it turned out!

We still have little projects to do but all the major ones are done. We are ready to party!

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  1. Cecilia, I just love all of the special handmade touches! The crib sign is my favorite ~ thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm--pinned!

  2. Extraordinary use of ordinary stuff! It's just around the corner now.

  3. Cecilia this is amazing. This day will be so special with all your fun touches. Great re love of the crib.
    The wedding is going to be fabulous.

  4. Cecilia, you are full of wonderful ideas! Love what you did with the crib! No one would have thought to make those beautiful chalkboard signs except you! Amazing! You go, go, go!

  5. Oh wow! I love, love, love the chalkboard make with the head and footboard of the old crib! That is perfection! The signs are great too! I can't wait to see it all come together! Enjoy these last weeks of planning. Blessings, Vicky

  6. You are so clever and talented. Love how you used the crib and your signs will be so great. I know you are having fun putting all this together. Anxious to see the end results. Will be a wonderful wedding.
    Audrey Z.

  7. Great repurpose Cecilia!

    You and Megan look like sisters :)

  8. That crib sign idea is absolutely adorable....think you will hold onto it for future grandchildren to use? Expect one small thing to go wrong with the wedding and relax! My daughter forgot to put on her veil and only wore the tiara. "I'm not getting married without a tiara." was her firm opinion!

    1. Lol, funny. Yes, there's always something that goes awry...for mine someone turn the a/c to heat instead of cool and it was July! As for the crib sign, who knows what it will get used for? I intend to keep it regardless. :)

  9. I am totally in love with the idea of Repurposing Bits and Pieces for Wedding Signs. I loved each and everything that has been created with all this stuff. We are already engaged and would like to have the DIY ceremony at one of the Los Angeles wedding venues so will like to use your ideas in the party.

    1. Congratulations! Yes, repurposing things make for unique events! Would love for you to use my ideas. Best wishes to you!


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