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A Productive Week at the Farm

I am feeling very blessed right now... I got to spend the whole week at the farm last week. Just me and the puppies. It was wonderful. Quiet, peaceful, Springtime loveliness - like these irises that were blooming: Someone at one time planted a lot of pretty flowers. I just love discovering them as they bloom. It was a productive week - The front and back doors finally got painted after being primed for a year ( I can procrastinate with the best of them! ) :o)  : This is the first coat on the backdoor - used Benjamin Moore Wethersfield Moss Same color on front door; inside is white The bathroom shelf is in place - here is the before: Mr. B added the bun feet for me And after: Sweet bird figurine, wild flower bouquet, and extra soap Close up of flowers I need to get another basket to place on the bottom shelf along with the other one (to use for extra TP), possibly another galvanized bucket, and also I want to find more bottles to add to t

Worn out Parson Chair to Fabulous Desk Chair

I finally got the chair done! It was quite the pain  fun to work on. I'm happy with it although I probably would not want to make another one  ever   again  anytime soon. Remember the chair used to look like this: Scuffed, torn, and needing help. I primed and painted the legs and there it sat for 2 weeks. Waiting....waiting for the ugly to be recovered...waiting for a new lease on life... But now the wait is over and it is sporting a new slipcover, again useful and loved. It only took me a day to make the slipcover -  I used a canvas drop's fairly cheap and a good sturdy fabric. A 9 x 12 size was $10. Not bad and it gave me lots of extra if I messed up. I wanted to put some type of graphic on the fabric that would appeal to Mr. B since it will be mainly for his use but I also wanted something vintage so it would tie into our bedroom. I found these graphics from The Graphics Fairy - Vintage-Advertising-Clip-Art-Antique Bicycle  and  Vintage-clip-

small projects getting finished

I confess I haven't tackled the chair yet...well, I did get the legs painted then poof! somehow, it came to a screeching halt. I got sidetracked. Legs primed and ready to paint So my goal is to work on it this week...I do have the fabric and I know what I want to do with it so I just need to have time to work on it. I won't promise I'll finish it as my darling daughter will be home for a few days and we have her birthday to celebrate! BUT, I did paint the angel ( she is residing in my bedroom with my "Love" vignette ), Base coat of purple smoke color crackled finish on angel LOVE vignette the rabbit, painted chocolate brown before primed one of the suitcase boxes (used it as the centerpiece for a wedding shower), the arched frame with metal scroll inside ( still need to finish that off), and worked on some burlap eggs to put in my little wire basket. ( Did I take a picture of that? No, of course I forgot!) AND I did