Tuesday, April 2, 2013

small projects getting finished

I confess I haven't tackled the chair yet...well, I did get the legs painted then poof! somehow, it came to a screeching halt. I got sidetracked.

Legs primed and ready to paint

So my goal is to work on it this week...I do have the fabric and I know what I want to do with it so I just need to have time to work on it. I won't promise I'll finish it as my darling daughter will be home for a few days and we have her birthday to celebrate!

BUT, I did paint the angel ( she is residing in my bedroom with my "Love" vignette ),

Base coat of purple smoke color

crackled finish on angel

LOVE vignette

the rabbit,

painted chocolate brown


one of the suitcase boxes (used it as the centerpiece for a wedding shower), the arched frame with metal scroll inside ( still need to finish that off), and worked on some burlap eggs to put in my little wire basket. ( Did I take a picture of that? No, of course I forgot!)

AND I did manage to go to Canton this time with my twin sis and Mother-in-law in tow. That place is huge and spending just a few hours there doesn't do it justice, but oh! the fun we had and the treasures we discovered. Plus, it keeps me wanting to go back for more. I got some fun things there - some to display and others to work on...like I need more projects but I can't seem to help myself. ha! I will do a post on my finds later.

The bathroom cabinet got its final coat of paint and now resides in the bathroom. It is perfect for the space. Now I am on the hunt for items to display in and on it. Ooo! Sounds like a trip to the thrift store! hahaha.
 I am having to rethink the curtain and shower curtain in there. I love the burlap but my shower rod refuses to stay up. I could screw the rod into the wall but would have to go through the tile. I'm not sure I want to do that. Guess that means I'll have fun finding something else to use. ;o)

 Outside, the dogwoods are blooming along with several other wildflowers plus we discovered the hawk has a nest in a pine tree by the pond. Way cool!

Just look at how gorgeous the dogwoods are:

Dogwood bloom

One of the dogwood trees

Again, it's frustrating waiting until I'm back up at the farm to finish things up. There are just not enough hours in a weekend. Good thing I have things I can work on here in suburbia, so I'd better get busy. Time's awastin' and my project queue is agrowin'.Ta ta for now.


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  1. It looks as thought you're getting lots done, Cecilia! I can really relate with weekends being too short. And wow - the dogwoods are gorgeous!

    1. Hey Karen! Nice to hear from you - are you getting any warm days there? Yes, the dogwoods are amazing! They really stand out with their white blossoms. I told my husband I was going to spend a week there so I could get some things done

  2. Looks like the three of us have something in common! I have to head over to Karen's and check her blog out.

    You're managing to get tons done Cecilia and you're putting me to shame!

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention, I told my hubs the same thing!

    1. haha, Doreen. He gave me a look like "Really? No fair!" :)
      I don't know about tons...but I am managing to finish some things up. Seems like it takes me forever to get to that point though. sigh, I have so little patience!

  4. Always so many fun things to do! Looks like you're quite busy with all your projects. Love how the cherub turned out...and the bunny. Thanks for stopping by. I'm following back.
    Mary Alice

  5. I'd love to come visit that farm Cecilia! It looks gorgeous!
    Am I forgetting you're a twin ( did I forget to tell you I have twins? )
    Too much to remember for a friday LMHO
    Have a wonderful wknd my friend............

  6. That chocolate bunny was such an ingenious idea! I would never have thought of that! :)


    1. I can't claim it as my idea...I saw it on Pinterest! Thanks for visiting.


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