Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Productive Week at the Farm

I am feeling very blessed right now...

I got to spend the whole week at the farm last week. Just me and the puppies. It was wonderful. Quiet, peaceful, Springtime loveliness - like these irises that were blooming:

Someone at one time planted a lot of pretty flowers. I just love discovering them as they bloom.

It was a productive week - The front and back doors finally got painted after being primed for a year ( I can procrastinate with the best of them! ) :o)  :

This is the first coat on the backdoor - used Benjamin Moore Wethersfield Moss
Same color on front door; inside is white

The bathroom shelf is in place - here is the before:

Mr. B added the bun feet for me
And after:

Sweet bird figurine, wild flower bouquet, and extra soap

Close up of flowers

I need to get another basket to place on the bottom shelf along with the other one (to use for extra TP), possibly another galvanized bucket, and also I want to find more bottles to add to the red one. I love how it adds to the bathroom. I like using extra mason jars to hold the band-aids, etc.

My burlap eggs are also finished and placed in their basket in the kitchen:

I cut pieces of burlap and used Mod Podge to glue them onto plastic Easter eggs (if you can find white or pastel eggs, I recommend that - had a hard time covering up the color). I numbered them just for fun. The basket I found at Target in the dollar section.

I was also able to finish and place a couple of my Canton treasures. The chickens were too cute to pass up:

They have claimed a spot on the entry table and are quite happy to declare "It's farm time"! Don't you love their long legs? They make me smile!!

I was really excited about finding this:

 Our jackets kept ending up all over the place so I wanted to find a coatrack. And there it was! I liked it's slender profile. It doesn't take up a lot of space in my small farmhouse. The finish was a little rusty but  I really liked the shiny chrome accent pieces:

To preserve them, I taped them off and covered them with foil before spray painting the rack:

I sprayed it a off-white. I left the chrome accents as is which was a little peeling - gives it a rustic feel.

It fits my spot just right!

hurray! A spot for our jackets!

I also found an old spring cot (cheap!) in perfect condition so I snatched that up. It fits nicely in the closet and can be pulled out when an extra bed is needed.

 Of course, what's a trip to Canton without a burlap coffee sack? Yes, I bought another one. LOL. I am going to use that in my laundry room redo. I have a great idea for it.

Canton is addicting...looking forward to going back. I still have things on my list to look for! :o)

One of the last things I worked on last week was a dresser I picked up from GW. We needed a bigger one but I was having trouble finding one that either wasn't too expensive or not overly damaged/cheaply made. I was pretty happy when I found this one:

Oops! I had already taken off one of the doors before I remembered to snap the before picture. There was only slight damage to that side. The drawers are nice and big too!

It's coming along nicely - I will soon be able to show it off!

All in all, a very productive week!

Next on the list? A laundry room redo...got to get Bruce on board as I need his help. He's already rolling his eyes..."It's a utility room! Why does it need to be pretty?"

Um, seriously? He should know me by now. Just because! Trust me....


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  1. You certainly did have a productive week last week! Great job. I love it all!

    1. Thanks Susan! Can't wait for you to see it in person!

  2. You have been a busy bee! That always feels so good to check off a few things on the to do list. I love your pretty spring pictures too!


    1. Yes, it sure does. It's good to hear from you -I've been catching up with your blog; you've been rather busy yourself .

  3. You have certainly completed so many pretty projects lately...love them all...and looking forward to your dresser transformation...and I so love those irises!!

    1. Shirley, I love the irises too - they remind me of my mom. She always had several different kinds. It was like God was giving me a hug from her especially the last one as it was a soft blue tint (her favorite color). The dresser is looking good. I'm looking for replacement hardware so I can finish it up next time. Thank you for your sweet comments!

  4. I found your blog from Marty's A Stroll Through Life blog. I am your newest follower. Your photos are gorgeous! I love what you did with the bathroom shelf.

    1. Welcome to the B Farm, Susan! I am so happy to have you here and thank you for the sweet comments. I have popped over and am following you back.

  5. Seriously Cecilia, I think you're my sista from another mista! For starters, I arrived at our cabin today ALONE and will be here until Saturday. Fisherman is coming Friday night and staying until Sunday, so we'll be two ships in the night except for Friday night/Saturday. I have an outing with my camera club on Sunday that I don't want to miss (I really am looking forward to hands on experience). I spent today going to Michael's, Joanne's, HomeGoods, and a couple of other places on the drive up here.

    I also am on the lookout for a dresser. It's not a priority, but if I find the right one, it's coming home with me ;).

    You had a busy, peaceful and productive week! Doesn't get better than that, does it? You had the perfect balance of projects...practical ones and just for fun projects. Do you think I can beat you? Nah...

    1. That's great Doreen! I hope you have a nice and productive long weekend at your cabin! And I'll claim you as my sista, no problem! We do have a lot in common. OOo, I am jealous about the camera club - would love to learn more about mine and get experience with it in a classroom setting.

      Patience will win out for a perfect dresser. It's good you don't have to rush to find one.

      Ha, I don't know, you're pretty productive and I bet you'll get lots and lots done. Have fun and I'm looking forward to what you do. :o)

  6. Everything is looking great. The iris' are beautiful. I too love those roosters long lets. lol Thanks so much for joining us this week at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  7. Hi Cecilia, I love Canton, too! I don't get there all that often, but it sure is fun when I do. You did some great projects and I see you have more to work on. I look forward to how you change up the dresser. Thank you for your visit.

    1. Hi Kitty! Thank you for visiting and leaving me such a sweet comment. I don't know if being an hour away from Canton is a good thing or bad ( lol) but whenever someone asks to go, I'm like, sure!

  8. Not only a productive week - but filled with doing what you love - WHERE you love - priceless!!!
    Can't wait to see that dresser finished :)
    ( hope it doesn't take as long as the back door lol - which is a gorgeous country color by the way )

    1. Suzan, the dresser is different....I want to work on it; the doors not so much. lol. It is actually almost done...I need to find new hardware and I'm thinking of adding a design inside the doors. His and Hers? Mr. and Mrs? Numbers? Trying to decide. Waiting to go back up to finish it.
      The color was perfect for the doors. Love green!

  9. Hi Cecilia-

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
    It looks like you've been busy.
    I know the feeling!
    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

    1. Laura, thank you so much for your kind comments and the return visit. Hope you come by again!



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