Friday, January 14, 2022

Something New In The Studio

"When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for enter." -Julia Cameron

The studio was made from closing in part of our barn. It is basically a closed in garage - no closets, just one big room. I love it but I haven't loved the look of things that need to be stored being out in the open. The clutter really interferes with my creativity.

I decided I needed a divider to hide the mess so I used my show wall. It is lightweight and easily moved.

I put tables in front of it to stabilize it. The divider hid the stuff in back but made my painting area feel cluttered too. I felt like it was finally time to add a closet so I asked Bruce for his input. As we talked it out, he made me realize all I really needed was a permanent wall that would allow me to organize my materials and supplies better. 

With that plan, we got started. I cleared all the stuff out of the way and he started building the wall.

STUFF everywhere!

I asked Bruce if we could hang my stained glass window I'd found about 9 years ago. He thought it would work so he made an opening for it.

The framework went up quickly. Then the sheetrock and taping.

We got the window in on the 2nd try - after putting it in wrong side out. That baby is heavy!

Then it was time for me to texture the walls. I used Joint Compound with a trowel and smoothed it on. It's a very fast and easy technique and gives it an old world texture.

Finally, it was time to paint! But what color? I have lots of purple, lime green, and some red pieces. I wanted something fun and bright that would complement those. I finally chose a turquoise color for the storage area and a dark grey for where the artwork would hang.

What a gorgeous color! 

Time for the grey!

The exposed wood framework was also stained. 

It looks amazing - Bruce did a great job bringing my vision to life once again. I have spent all this week putting the studio back together, cleaning and organizing as I put things away. I refreshed some tired storage pieces too. I'll be back next week to show off the finished room. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh! That is wonderful!!! I, too, don't do well working in a cluttered environment. I have spent the last two days working on organizing our home office. I moved it from the guest room up to the loft area.
    Just think of how much fun you will have being able to create in that sweet new space. xo Diana

  2. Good Morning sweet friend. I have been re organizing and clearing out closets to get rid of clutter too. Your wall and using your beautiful window is gorgeous. This space is just gorgeous and you will have fun decorating that wall with all your beautiful works. Love it all. Happy New Week. xoxo


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