Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Cottage/Farmhouse Storage Closets

 Today, I'm finally sharing the storage closets. There'a quite a few pictures so hang in there.

By the time we got the garage turned into our new living/dining room, we were worn out. We still had all the Christmas boxes and some other things piled along the long wall where we intended to build cabinets or closets. 

We weren't sure what we wanted - cabinets? closets? What should they look like? I spent lots of hours going through Pinterest trying to find something we both liked. A month went by, then two. Then before we knew it, it was a year. Ugh. I was so tired of seeing boxes along the wall!

Bruce told me he'd found some doors at the salvage place in the town just north of us. Off we went to check them out. Oooooo! Pretty! They had just the look I wanted - cottage-y and beadboard! They definitely tipped the scales in favor of closets. We bought six of them.

Not sure you can tell but the doors have a 
beadboard inset

First we had to move all the stuff out of the way

Just about ready to start!

Building the framework

Hanging the doors

More doors are up!

Finally all the doors are hung!

What are we going to do to close in the gap? I have an idea if I
can get Bruce to agree!

Painting the doors - I used my handy HomeRight Finish
Max paint sprayer. I love it; it's so easy to use! Herbie is 
making sure I'm doing it right.

Rusting tin - I have a special use for it in mind.

We found bee knobs at Hobby Lobby. 
How perfect! And you can get them 1/2
off every other week!

The knobs look great on the doors.

Are you ready to see how they turned out?

Ta-da! We put the tin in the gaps above the doors and finished off the end of the closet with it as well.

We left a spot at the end for a bench. I still need to finish that 
area but that will be for another time.

Of course, we still needed shelves so after some discussion, we came up with a plan. In the first section, we put in a coat closet and small wire shelves for small items.

Behind the second set of doors, Bruce built long shelves to hold all the Christmas boxes and decor.

All the Christmas stuff and I still have room!

In the last section, other than a shelf for the modem, we didn't put up any shelves. That allows us to put tall stuff in there. Bruce might do something once he goes through his boxes though.

Getting ready to add modem shelf

One last look at the finished closet! I love how it turned out. Cottage-y with a touch of farmhouse. Now we don't have to look at boxes along this wall anymore. Yippee! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing our process. It was a lot of hard work but the end result is so worth it. I love how we are making this little house ours. It's come a long way, baby!

See you next time!


  1. Your closets look amazing, Cecilia! Love the cottage look and color! Your home is really coming along fabulously! And it's certainly great to have a handyman like your hubby, Bruce! Well done!

  2. This is genius and what a great find of the doors. I love the metal to close off the top. Amazing and now you have so much storage. Both of you did such a great job together. Love this. xoxo


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