Monday, April 24, 2017

Wagon Fairy Garden

I have my mom's old wagon. The plastic wheels on it finally deteriorated and when I couldn't find replacements, I just stuck it out of the way until I decided what I wanted to do with it. When I wanted to make a fairy garden, the wagon instantly popped into my mind as the perfect container for it.

It sits on my concrete bench out front perfectly. I filled it with soil and added plants. Next, I took my fairies I added magic to and started placing them in the wagon.

First I put a pedestal then added a lantern on top of it to make a castle. The sleeping dragon keeps guard while the pink fairy sits inside.
 Someday, I'm going to fancy up the inside of the "castle" but for now Miss Pink Fairy has a soft moss bed.

Next, I took a wooden miniature birdhouse

painted it to look like stone and added pinecone shingles and a cork door

and placed it on top of the candlestick with the fairy and turtle. Into the wagon it went!

A white picket fence (to keep the dragon out) and mushroom mailbox was added as well.

 Is that Snail Mail being delivered? Why yes, yes it is! 😀

And Toad and Sweet Fairy enjoy their spot among the flowers.

The mushroom house was next to go in

The potted grass is decorated with cute red polka dot mushrooms

I added some cork and acorn cap mushrooms close to the dragon

A bunny farm sits on the window ledge across from the fairy garden - after all, bunnies are afraid of dragons!

The gnomes are still waiting on their home as well as the fox. Then I have this fairy a friend gave me. She told me she knew I could make her look good.
Yikes, time to break out the spray paint primer!
Oh, much better already! However, she must wait her turn...there's a gnome way ahead of her!

I had a lot of fun creating my fairy garden. Hmm, now where is the gnome garden going to go?


  1. Yup, that fairy looks like she'd been in the tanning bed too long! She looks better already! I know you can do this, Cecilia! the fairy garden is so cute already!!

    1. haha, she will get her makeover soon...I have to finish the gnome first...he's been waiting a very long time. However, I'm glad you sent her my way - she definitely needs help. :)

  2. Oh- I love all your fairy stuff!! You did such a good job pulling everything together. I love anything to do with fairies. I have to get my garden up and going this spring yet. I am going to put a strand of those fairy lights in mine this year-on a timer so they go on at night. I am a child at xo Diana

  3. Adorable, Cecilia! The snail mail bag is the best!

  4. I KNOW you had fun doing this because I did the same thing last year and just this last Sunday and it's really fun to do. Especially making things and thinking outside the box, like your castle.

    I have an old wagon too and I thought about using it for a fairy garden also. Last year I put some plants in it and they didn't do that well. I'm pretty sure it was because I didn't put any holes in the bottom for drainage.

    That 'brown' fairy is a riot! You made her look sooooooo much better already! Paint is magic :).


  5. Your fairy garden is so pretty! And I can't believe the difference a little spray paint made with that fairy. :)

    Happy day friend!

    1. It sure was fun to make! And yikes, that fairy! But hurray for spray paint to cover it all up. Thanks, friend! Have a good one!

  6. What a darling fairy garden Cecilia! I adore how you transform things from so so to spectacular!
    May you enjoy a spring filled with flowers.
    Happy May Day!

  7. Love the Fairy Garden...what a great idea to use that wonderful wagon! The spray painted Fairy looks so totally it! Happy May Day!

    1. I just couldn't throw the wagon away even though it's seen better days - it's a connection to my mom...I was with her when she bought it and I remember her using it to move plants. I think she'd like what I'm using it for now. Thanks for stopping by. Happy May Day to you too! :)

  8. This is so adorable! I keep saying I want to make one myself. I need to do it! But, I need to keep it out of Rooster's reach. LOL!


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