Friday, March 3, 2017

Creative Friday #5 - How To Add Magic To Fairy Figures

I've had these resin and terra cotta pieces for a fairy garden for a year or so. It's time to give them some magic! 

Thank goodness it's Creative Friday because today it's their turn out of the product stash.

First up is this cutie.

The dogs got a hold of her back when they were puppies. They chewed off her wings and Mr. Toad's foot. Poor thing. And they are drab resin grey. Let's see...I have some oil paint left over from a painting. Wonder if it will stick? Yes, it does so I painted her and Mr. Toad.

However, the little fairy still needs wings. A trip to the craft store turned up some pretty butterflies.

The body pulled off easily and with a dab of E6000 glue, she now has pretty wings! And she's no longer grey!

This sweet dragon is getting color added to him. Shhh, don't wake him!

Here he is with his wings and back ridges painted.

This candle holder I found at the thrift store is also getting painted. There's lots of detail on this piece so it's taking awhile but it promises to be pretty! And I'm adding something to the top that makes it even more whimsical.

Almost done! I changed the color of her dress...
Oops. Got some blue paint on Mr. Frog! And I spy another flower that needs paint!

This little one is also missing her wings - I need find something to use - but she'll get her wings back!  Her flower crown and dress need paint and I will be done with her.
Almost finished!
Those were all done using oil paint left on my palette. On the next figures I'm using acrylic craft paints.

Mr. Fox was printed from my daughter's 3D cool is that? But pink won't do - he will soon be fox colored.

A terra cotta gnome was repainted after his original coat flaked off. I also antiqued him so the details show up better. Love his little blue bird!

And this ceramic gnome and mouse are waiting their turn under the brush as well. I can't tell you how long I've had him...years. Poor thing. He's been patiently waiting for me to give him some magic!

And let's not forget the cute mushroom house I got from Thrift Store Addiction. A coat of red on the roof is the start of this makeover! The flowers around the doors will also get painted.

I'll admit the oil paint takes longer to dry than the acrylic. And I have to use tiny brushes for most of the pieces. It takes patience and a steady hand. But steadily I'm adding the magic to my sweet fairy figures.

All figures will get a coat of clear sealant to protect them.  And then the real fun will begin. My old wagon will hold the fairy garden. (There might even be a castle! )

So with a little bit of paint, magic is added to the fairy figures.
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  1. You are really working wonderful magic on your fairy garden pieces and bringing them back to life, Cecilia! Looking forward to the finished layout! I'm sure it will be a magical wonderland filled with lots of fairy enchantments!

  2. What cute pieces ! LOVE that little dragon! Can't wait to see the whole Fairy Village put together. I think I might have something to add to your collection, Cecilia! But she definitely needs a paint job! Also, are you interested in salvia madrensis/forsythia sage or wood violets ?

  3. So sweet you could fix up these sweet pieces. That wagon fairy garden is going to be just too awesome for words. It will be magical. Happy Weekend.

  4. How cute! This is going to be darling, Cecilia! Thanks for the shout out ;)

  5. cute! Fairy gardens are so much fun!


  6. Cecilia ... you have really created "magic" with your paint on those sweet pieces. Love the huge butterfly wings on the little fairy. You are so clever.
    I know your fairy garden in the old red wagon will be magical.
    Audrey z

  7. I have some old resin mushrooms that could use some magic. Thank you for the brilliant idea.

  8. What a cute idea! And to put it in the wagon? Adorable. :)

    Happy day rock star!

    1. I feel like I'm playing dolls. So much fun! Can't wait to put it together!
      Thanks, KariAnne!

      Hope you had a great weekend!


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