Thursday, May 4, 2017

B-U-S-Y (as a Bee)

Good morning, my friends.
The new butterfly bushes are already blooming!

I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I just haven't had much to blog about. I mean, how fun is it to talk about cleaning the garage or purging the art room or cleaning up the yard? In other words, I've been as busy as a bee. (Haha, ok. I'll try to keep the bee jokes to a minimum.)
Rooster came from a friend...he makes a fun addition to the flowerbed

Yeah. That's what I've been up to. The city house is looking spruced up and I'm feeling loads lighter with the stuff I'm getting rid of.
Bee picture is from another friend - the background is crackled. It looks so cool!

I did get a trip into Canton this past weekend - fortunately before the bad storms hit there Saturday night. There were tornados that damaged and destroyed businesses and homes. 😢 Please keep the folks in Canton in your prayers as they go through the aftermath. (The storms were all north of the farmhouse so we were fine).

Thursday and Friday were beautiful days though. I enjoyed shopping as usual out in the flea market area. Here are my finds:
 How cute will this be on the farm driveway...bullet holes and all? :)

 Lularoe outfit...if you've worn it, you know how comfy these clothes are. I love the fun patterns and styles.

A butterfly for my unicorn (who still needs a name, btw). How cute is she with the butterfly on her nose?

 A snap charm bracelet - there were so many different charms to chose from. I liked this one for its simplicity.

Cute chalkboard. I'm working on something to hang it from that will be in the back flowerbed.

Gumball machine and "ART" letters. I'll be repainting the letters to fit more of my style then making a sign for the studio.

Yardzee game! We love to play Yahtzee, Megan and Dylan want yard games for the reception, so this was a no brainer! I also found a croquet set but somehow didn't end up with a picture of it. I was thrilled to find it although it didn't have the stand caddy. Let the fun begin!

BUT after getting back to the city and while out on my walk, I saw this in the trash:

It's rough, y'all. But I have the germ of an idea and I've already sanded and cleaned the pieces. The set I found is similar (only in great condition!). I'm hoping my idea works out. One of the mallet heads is completely dry-rotted so it's no good but other than that, the others are useable for my idea. Hopefully, I'll be able to share that in a couple of weeks.

So that's about it. A whole lot of busy with a smattering of fun. We're looking into replacing the carpet in the dining and living rooms of the city house. And I need to repaint the kitchen. AND the outside needs some repair (from puppy damage years) and repainting. Plus, yard work. Fun stuff. But when the mood strikes, I need to go with it.

What are you freshening up this Spring?



  1. Your butterfly bush is gorgeous! I love the yard game and I would have snatched that croquet set up in a heartbeat! I remember playing with a set like this at my grandparents house, but even really worn ones can be so expensive. Great find!

  2. You are one busy lady, Cecilia! I wish I had your energy! You really have some lovely projects going on and that farm sign is absolutely adorable! You'll get lots of chuckles with that one!

  3. I have butterfly bushes as well and love it when they bloom!!! Mine are orange:) Love the Farm sign, the gumball machine (I"m a collector) and the vintage croquet set! Score! xo Kathleen | Our HopefulHome

    1. They smell so good! I've never seen an orange one! Bet that's pretty. The gum ball machine was a real find...I've been looking for one that wasn't cheap plastic or cost an arm and a leg. I was thrilled when I saw this one and he told me $8! Sold! :)

  4. Love love the butterfly bush. You have been so busy and it is all looking great. I love playing croquet how fun! Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.

  5. You found some wonderful treasures. I'm intrigued with the croquet set...wonder what you have up your sleeve for it.

    I have a ton of de-cluttering to do but I won't have time to tackle it until probably July...ugh.

  6. I have an old crochet set too, but I forgot where I put it! lol

    Love butterfly bushes, and yours is gorgeous Cecilia.

    Stay busy, because everything has to be purrrrdy for the wedding!


  7. Beautiful butterfly bush! I sure get busy-the same here, too.
    We play Yahtzee with the kids and I absolutely LOVE croquet! It is one of my favorite summer games. We play tag-team sometimes and that is fun. xo Diana

  8. The butterfly bush is beautiful! I am loving the Yardzee game...Yahtzee is my favorite game. Such fond memories playing with my granny growing up! I need to purchase the outdoor set. SO fun! I love the idea of games for the reception. The ART letters are cool...can't wait to see what you do with them. Sounds like life is busy...but good! Have a great weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky


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