Friday, April 21, 2017

Creative Friday #10: Jumping On The Farmhouse Wagon

Welcome to Creative Friday #10! I jumped onto the farmhouse wagon this week with my pillows.

The sofa pillows at the farm needed new covers as the rusty red wasn't working for me anymore (I forgot to take a before picture heh). Then in Hobby Lobby I found the perfect fabric!
It's a winner! Love all the different farm graphics.

A couple of yards came home with me and I got busy sewing up my pillow covers. (I make covers that are like a pillow sham - overlapping in the back - then I can change them out easily).
The original pillows are a purple plaid (I buy the cheapest pillows I can find at Ross knowing I'm going to recover them so it doesn't matter what they look like).

The back is two pieces that you overlap:

First you sew a hem on one edge:

Then you lay the pieces right side together, pin them, and sew all the way around.

Turn inside out and put pillow in.
 OOPS! Somehow I didn't overlap the sections right so that the bottom is going over the top section instead of vice-versa. (And I did it on both of them - grr) I must have been tired.

Good thing that's the back and the front looks just fine! Works for me (I hate ripping out seams).

In spite of my slight boo-boo, I like the way they turned out. They're going to look great at the farm and I like that the farm graphics aren't too over the top. Just the right touch! And that's a wagon I can hitch a ride on. 😉


  1. I jump on the wagon and off all the time. It's like I can't make up my mind. Love your pillows.

    1. Haha, Sharon, me too! I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves many different looks and can't stick with just one. :)

  2. Those are really cute, Cecilia. That fabric is perfect for the farmhouse! I make pillows like that, too. I even like the bigger pillows so buy those cheap Walmart pillows ($2.38 each) and make covers to fit them. I have a new invisible zipper foot that I need to try out. Couldn't believe how expensive just the stupid foot
    Have a great weekend. xo Diana

  3. Love your pillows Cecilia! They turned out great. I'm not much of a sewer and you make it look so easy. I know what you mean about that decor wagon. I love so many different styles too that it's hard to stick with one, so I tend to mix them all up. I call it eclectic, but others probably call it something else. lol. But whatever works for us, right?

  4. What cute fabric--love your upcycled pillows!

  5. LOVE that fabric! Envelope pillows are so easy to do and super fast too. I never would have known about the boo boo if you didn't say anything ;).

    Enjoy your weekend!


  6. Really cute fabric, Cecilia! Would love it for kitchen curtains!


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