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Wagon Fairy Garden

I have my mom's old wagon. The plastic wheels on it finally deteriorated and when I couldn't find replacements, I just stuck it out of the way until I decided what I wanted to do with it. When I wanted to make a fairy garden, the wagon instantly popped into my mind as the perfect container for it. It sits on my concrete bench out front perfectly. I filled it with soil and added plants. Next, I took my fairies I added magic to and started placing them in the wagon. First I put a pedestal then added a lantern on top of it to make a castle. The sleeping dragon keeps guard while the pink fairy sits inside.  Someday, I'm going to fancy up the inside of the "castle" but for now Miss Pink Fairy has a soft moss bed. Next, I took a wooden miniature birdhouse painted it to look like stone and added pinecone shingles and a cork door and placed it on top of the candlestick with the fairy and turtle. Into the wagon it went! A white picket fence (to

Creative Friday #10: Jumping On The Farmhouse Wagon

Welcome to Creative Friday #10! I jumped onto the farmhouse wagon this week with my pillows. The sofa pillows at the farm needed new covers as the rusty red wasn't working for me anymore (I forgot to take a before picture heh). Then in Hobby Lobby I found the perfect fabric! It's a winner! Love all the different farm graphics. A couple of yards came home with me and I got busy sewing up my pillow covers. (I make covers that are like a pillow sham - overlapping in the back - then I can change them out easily). The original pillows are a purple plaid (I buy the cheapest pillows I can find at Ross knowing I'm going to recover them so it doesn't matter what they look like). The back is two pieces that you overlap: First you sew a hem on one edge: Then you lay the pieces right side together, pin them, and sew all the way around. Turn inside out and put pillow in.  OOPS! Somehow I didn't overlap the sections right so that the bottom is going

Wedding Planning - Designing a Dessert Table

Today, I am teaming up with Oriental Trading Company to show a mockup of the dessert table for my daughter's wedding. They have a wide variety of products you can use for your big day all at very reasonable prices! You can go to their website to check out all of their fabulous wedding decor products! I had Megan come over and go through the wedding decor with me. Her wedding is boho inspired with a touch of glam. Here are our top picks: Oriental Trading Company Wedding Decor On the day we decided to put together the mockup, I got busy - I baked a small cake, bought cookies and brownie bites for the trays, and set up a table with a white table cloth and brown craft paper topper. Megan cut some gold metallic wrapping paper to fit inside the wood trays We stacked them smallest to the largest, using upside down bowls to raise each tier up...we'll use something to make it more permanent for the actual reception. Metallic Gold String Charg