Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sharing My Art

One thing I've been able to do this week while I'm giving my back time to heal is paint! No, not walls (although I have a few that need it!), but artwork.
In the studio

I'm not good at sharing my art. I don't know why...I guess it feels like I'm bragging or something. But seriously, I love to create beautiful, whimsical, or thought-provoking art.

Occasionally, I do a "paint and sip" type paint party too. (Those are great fun. I want to give people a fun experience with art. So many are intimidated and I want them to know they can create!).

I love doing pet portraits from colorful ones to realistic.
"Aubergine, the Queen"
"Buddy" in color



I'm often inspired by my travels.
"Memories of New England"

"Bicycle in an English Garden"

I do paint people but prefer them doing something, not sitting for a photo portrait although I do paint traditional portraits. Children are fun to paint!
"Budding Artist"

"Megan - 2 1/2 years old"

"Snow Angel"

Fantasy - my favorite. I get to use my imagination. :o)
"Midnight's Journey"

Thought-provoking - this one is titled "The Battle For Her Dreams". Do you feel like you've had to fight to hold onto your dreams? How many have you lost or held onto?

Objects with character (old, rusty, you get the idea).
Old wagon wheel 

Food and Flowers.
Yummy Dessert - palette knife technique


Greeting cards and signs too.
Christmas card design

coffee sign on wood panel

RV sign from old fence pickets

I sell mostly word of mouth but I'm looking for another avenue this year.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my artwork. If you'd like to see more, you can click on My Artwork on the side bar or go to

Happy creating!


I'm sharing at these parties!
Vintage Charm Party 27
Homemade and Handcrafted no. 21
Feathered Nest Friday 21


  1. FINALLY! Seriously, I'm so glad you shared your beautiful art here! You are so talented! Hugs, Cecilia

    1. Thank you for sharing your lovely art @Vintage Charm, Cecilia!

  2. I love that you shared your art. It's wonderful!!!!

  3. I bet you could sell your colorful pet portraits on Etsy...or any of your art for that matter. The colorful ones are just so unique. Speaking of...I am going to pay you to paint one of Rooster sometime soon. I will get with you before too long about it. :) Love ALL your art! You are so talented...I have always wished I could paint. Have a great Friday and weekend!

    Hugs, Vicky

  4. Hi Cecilia ... you certainly have reason to brag. You paintings are beautiful. "The Battle For Her Dreams" is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.

  5. Your paintings are wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us. My favorite is "The battle for her dreams". I could stare at that for a long time, and still not be done. :)

  6. You are so talented Cecilia. I do hope your back heals soon.

    1. Thank you, Laura. It is getting better. Slowly but improving. No more overdoing it for me!

  7. These are wonderful Cecilia, and I'm so glad you finally shared them all. I do have my favs of course...the barn in New England (big surprise), the budding artist (very sweet), battle for her dreams (to answer your question...I've given up on a few, but still holding on to others. Guess that is what most of us do), and the little boy in the car with the tree.

    Glad you're feeling a bit better!


  8. All absolutely wonderful and unique.

  9. And I'm lucky enough to have one of those little trailer signs !!! LOVE IT ! I really think the horse is spectacular.

  10. Oh Cecilia, you have the right to show off what you can do! Please realize that there are very few of us who have this God given talent. I can barely draw a square and that's the boat most of us are in. Definitely show off your art. How about an Etsy shop?

  11. Your paintings are exquisite! are so very talented Cecilia!! should share your paintings more often!...I love "The Battle for Her Dreams" .... I hope your back is better!!! Take care!

    1. Thanks Shirley! My back is doing better. Nothing like a good massage to loosen everything up! I'll try to do better sharing my paintings. :o)

  12. My goodness you are so talented! Please don't ever hide these paintings from us again!
    I am a poppy lover, so I am smitten with yours.
    Take care, dear I truly hope that your back is feeling better.


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