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Singing the Gardening Blues

We had lots of rain in the forecast for the first part of this week and I needed to finish my dry creek/drain.
Almost there!
So Friday, I went off to Home Depot and got my last few bags of rock and spent the afternoon finishing it up. Then I added more brick to the edge of the patio and moved a large paver as the start of a walkway. (I want the hardscaping down before we add the grass). Then it was time to stop for the evening.
You can see the new rock vs. the rock I dug up

Saturday, I had some plants to repot and move so I started that. In the process, I felt my back twinge. I should have stopped right then and there but the rain was coming and I wanted this job done!
Staghorn fern

Oat grass in pots

A few of the potted plants placed in bed. They should be happier now and grow.

 I kept going. By the time I stopped, I knew I'd done too much. Now I'm sitting with an ice pack on my back, waiting for healing to happen. News flash to self - I'm not twenty (or thirty) anymore. Sigh.

I guarantee I'll listen to my back next time. 

Good thing it's raining.


  1. Hope your back is feeling better Cecilia. I've had to give myself the same news flash, lol! Garden is looking great!

  2. Lovely garden, Cecilia. You certainly did a lot of work. I hope your back heals quickly.

  3. Hi Cecilia ... love how your "dry creek" bed/drain is shaping up. Looks like a lot of work, but will be well worth it. Love all your plants ... staghorn ferns are so pretty. I had the most beautiful one we brought with us from Florida, but alas ... it did not like being moved. Take care of your back with lots of rest.
    Audrey Z.

  4. Why do we never listen to our bodies when we get those twinges. Love your staghorn fern. I've got to check to see if they will grow in North Georgia.

  5. oh, yeahhhhh..... when our backs talk we have GOT to learn to listen! But I would have done the same thing, and have.... we think we're the energizer bunny and just keep going! Baby your back for a few days and don't do anything crazy for awhile. You gotta be tuff to be a gardener, right!?


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