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What's Blooming At The B Farm

Once upon a time, someone made some pretty flowerbeds at the farm. It's been fun to see what pops up each year. These plants are survivors - from drought, deer, and neglect. But what survivors! The yarrow always delights: The lantana sprawls out of bounds each summer and needs to be trimmed back. Butterflies love it. Irises in a rainbow of colors: There are cannas and a gardenia bush too - soon to be blooming. And then there's the few things I have planted. A cute mini rose sent to me from one of my first blogging buddies. And lots of mint: A red amaryllis And an oak leaf hydrangea given to me by my mother-in-law. Out in the pastures, I can always find something blooming or in seed: Red clover: Spiderwort: Woolywhites: Yellow daisy type flower...I don't know the variety: Dandelion seeds: Tiny, tiny seeds that seem to sparkle in the morning light: Then the dewberries are starting to ripe

Sharing My Art

One thing I've been able to do this week while I'm giving my back time to heal is paint! No, not walls (although I have a few that need it!), but artwork. In the studio I'm not good at sharing my art. I don't know why...I guess it feels like I'm bragging or something. But seriously, I love to create beautiful, whimsical, or thought-provoking art. Occasionally, I do a "paint and sip" type paint party too. (Those are great fun. I want to give people a fun experience with art. So many are intimidated and I want them to know they can create!). I love doing pet portraits from colorful ones to realistic. "Aubergine, the Queen" "Buddy" in color "Ginger" "Maple" I'm often inspired by my travels. "Memories of New England" "Bicycle in an English Garden" I do paint people but prefer them doing something, not sitting for a p

Singing the Gardening Blues

We had lots of rain in the forecast for the first part of this week and I needed to finish my dry creek/drain. Almost there! So Friday, I went off to Home Depot and got my last few bags of rock and spent the afternoon finishing it up. Then I added more brick to the edge of the patio and moved a large paver as the start of a walkway. (I want the hardscaping down before we add the grass). Then it was time to stop for the evening. You can see the new rock vs. the rock I dug up Saturday, I had some plants to repot and move so I started that. In the process, I felt my back twinge. I should have stopped right then and there but the rain was coming and I wanted this job done! Staghorn fern Oat grass in pots A few of the potted plants placed in bed. They should be happier now and grow.  I kept going. By the time I stopped, I knew I'd done too much. Now I'm sitting with an ice pack on my back, waiting for healing to happen. News flash to self - I'm no

Telephone Table Reveal

Finally! The day has arrived that I promised you so long ago... I finished the telephone table! So without further ado, here she is: She's painted with my homemade chalk paint recipe in Benjamin Moore's Shenandoah Taupe, waxed, and the seat covered in a gorgeous chenille fabric. I love her. For now she sits in our bedroom. I'm not sure she'll stay there but for now it works. The phone got a makeover too. Remember how brassy it was? Now it looks like this: I spray painted the brassy parts with silver and then painted the yellowish body with ASCP in Old White...yes, chalk paint sticks to plastic. I think it looks way better! I had plenty of fabric left over, so the little pew got a new cushion cover as well. It went from red and gold (which didn't go with the bedroom colors at all!) To calm and serene with a simple wrap technique: I do plan to actually sew a proper seat cover but for now wrapping the cushion works. So, jus