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Juggling Several Projects At Once

I am working on several projects at one time ... Why do I do that to myself? haha. I guess it keeps me from getting bored and I feel like I'm getting more done.

I actually have a list so I can mark them off as I go. My plan is to get as many done as possible before Friday.

I have these that need a new paint job - some will be going on the wall in the guest room:

I plan to paint the covers of these and use them for display. Later, I will repurpose some for the holidays.

This is going to get a label and will be added to the bottles on the bathroom shelf:

This is going in the bathroom to go with my other dog things:

These will also get painted and will hold my travel pictures. It will be easy to switch them out:

This was $2 at the Habitat Restore - I'm thinking chalkboard:

And this could also be a chalkboard message board or maybe a recipe holder. I love its shape:

The clock will get new works and a fresh coat of paint. It is going on the mantel:

These will be made into a garland…

Bye-bye Popcorn

I did something this past weekend I swore I'd never do. It all began here:

This is my laundry/pantry room here at the farm. Unorganized and needing some help. But it has great shelves to the right as you walk in. Lots of them which I like a lot!

However, there was this:

The cabinet above the washer...too high for me to reach the laundry detergent comfortably. So I asked Bruce very sweetly if he could remove it. He made some kind of teasing remark. Um, no, seriously - I want it gone...I think he may of grumbled but in the end, he tore it out.

And then there was this:

Whoever had built this, had nailed a board to the ceiling so no popcorn in that place. Bruce was a little miffed...probably thought I was going to make him try to match the texture of the existing popcorn.
"Oh no," I told him. "I will just have to scrap it off ."
Then he really frowned because I'm sure he thought it would be hard and I'd want him do it. I was pretty sure I could handle it. (…

Pew Redo

Remember the small church pew I scored from our church? It looked like this:

I tore off the old seat cushion (yikes! it was glued down!!) then I stained and painted it:

It needed more so I added some words to the back, made a simple cushion, then moved it to the foot of our bed:

I added a throw and a book to make it look cozy:

This is sitting across from it - I intend to hang it  and put lights behind it:

I tweaked the dresser top some more too:

I think the master bedroom is coming along rather nicely. I am working on some artwork for the walls that go with my Abbey style/places I've been theme. ( I like mixing styles...mainly because I can never settle on just one!)

It feels peaceful. I'm liking the way the room is evolving. Simple, cozy, perfectly us.
Have a simply wonderful week! Cecilia

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