Monday, June 24, 2013

Juggling Several Projects At Once

I am working on several projects at one time ... Why do I do that to myself? haha. I guess it keeps me from getting bored and I feel like I'm getting more done.

I actually have a list so I can mark them off as I go. My plan is to get as many done as possible before Friday.

I have these that need a new paint job - some will be going on the wall in the guest room:

I plan to paint the covers of these and use them for display. Later, I will repurpose some for the holidays.

This is going to get a label and will be added to the bottles on the bathroom shelf:

This is going in the bathroom to go with my other dog things:

These will also get painted and will hold my travel pictures. It will be easy to switch them out:

This was $2 at the Habitat Restore - I'm thinking chalkboard:

And this could also be a chalkboard message board or maybe a recipe holder. I love its shape:

The clock will get new works and a fresh coat of paint. It is going on the mantel:

These will be made into a garland for the 4th of July and will stay for the summer:

 along with this:

I'm thinking of taking out the candle and placing starfish inside. Nice and summery!

Then there's this chair of my daughter's:

I'm recovering so it will be fresh for her new apartment as she starts her new jobs. She just graduated in December with an Art Degree and has gotten two jobs working in two museums. We are so happy for her!  She picked out this fabric:

It is a chenille type; soft and nubby.

Then there's this:

I can't tell you how excited I was to find this at a local antique store (cheap too!) has the windows I was looking for plus peeling paint:

Oh, I have grand plans for it! It will replace my plain, beat up, hollow core laundry room door. I am so EXCITED!!

All of this besides my painting. I am working on a portrait right now plus some just for fun paintings.

Fortunately, most of these are small projects and go quickly. But, yikes! I may need my head examined.

How about you? Do you work on multiple projects too or am I just crazy?


  1. NO-You're not crazy- well, maybe you are but then you are in good company here! I love the things you are working on. I can't wait to see some of these projects finished. Just got home from vacation and playing catch up here- xo Diana

    1. Lol, I'm sure I'm in good company! It does drive my husband crazy - he's of the " don't start a new project til the other one is done" club. I'm hoping to have several done by this weekend.

      How was your vacation? It sounded like fun from your blog. :)

  2. You are in good company....I have so many projects in so many different rooms that It is hard to just complete an entire room...I need to focus!!! Great pending projects!!!

    1. That's good to know, Shirley. I understand about the need to focus - I think I have " project ADD" lol.

  3. Wow Cecilia! You put me to shame! You are one ambitious lady!

    I usually am a 'one project at a time' kinda gal and I usually like to finish something before moving on to something else, but if a project t involves painting, gotta do something while the paint dries, right? ;)

    1. Exactly Doreen! I just need to really use my time wisely and FOCUS! Lol

  4. Oh my gosh Cecilia... I can so relate. I am totally incapable of working on one thing at a time. I think my problem is that I love thrifting so much that I'm constantly getting inspired into new projects, and I've always been a multi-tasker.

    I decided a long time ago that instead of getting therapy I should just accept that it's how I work. Thankfully my husband accepts it too. lol. I don't post everything I do because that often takes more time than the actual projects.

    I can see that you have a lot of amazing projects coming up. I especially love that clock, and that chippy door... and that chair has a retro shape that I love. I wish you luck with your Friday deadline... I'm pulling for you.

    Tuula :)

    1. Lol, exactly Tuula! Not sure I'll get everything done but I'm steadily chipping away at the list.

  5. Wow - you are busy! I can't wait to see some of these finished - I'm especially curious about the books. I can only imagine what your creativity will come up with!

    1. :) I'm painting the covers...will tie them together with twine. Come Halloween will make them look "spooky" and Christmas make them look like caroling books or something. :) Sky's the limit! One of them I've actually been pasting pictures and ideas onto the pages. It holds my someday ideas and what I want to do to specific rooms like my laundry.


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