Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Different Kind of Post

This is not a post about the farm...Although I have projects I'm working on up there, here in the city I've been working on my paintings. So this is a post about my art.

 I usually paint pictures to stir the imagination like my unicorn painting called "Midnight's Journey": Midnight's journey

or the painting I did of my twin sister and I from a comment my mom made long ago about us being as different as the sun and moon:

Lately however, I decided to try some landscape paintings. I never liked landscapes. They didn't work for me; they didn't excite me. But there were some photos I really wanted to paint. One was of my son when he was two, walking down a dirt road on a foggy day. You can see it here: "Exploring His Limits"

The other was from our trip to New England a couple of years ago. I had always dreamed of visiting New England in the Fall. It was beautiful and we got to go with friends - so much fun!
Our husbands opted not to be in the picture.

The scenery was spectacular - we don't get Fall color here like up there. I took lots and lots of pictures.
One was of a small covered bridge in New Hampshire.

So charming...

I've been wanting to paint it and finally decided to do it -  I started on it in February and it is finally done:

It is 16"x 20", oil on canvas. What do you think? It's not the best photo of it as it's a little washed out; I forgot to fix that when I edited it. oops!

 I also did a watercolor painting of a red sail boat from this same trip. To view it and my other paintings, you can visit my website at

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my art. We're off to the farm this weekend. Stay tuned for the dresser reveal!

Creating beautiful things,

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  1. So LOVE this painting. You did a fantastic job Cecilia.

    1. Thanks Susan! I think it's my favorite so far.

  2. I love it! You do New England proud - you've captured the feel of Autumn here. I also really love your painting of the red boat - so charming. You're very talented, Cecilia! :-)

    1. Thanks Karen. It remains one of my favorite trips. I really want to go back and see more.

  3. Oh wow Cecilia!! These are gorgeous! I'm so impressed! The one of your son is spectacular and one of my favs. The red boat and the covered bridge, the bike...I could go on and on. Just beautiful!

    I love the Fall, and just so you know, you have a standing invite to visit us at the cabin!

    (I was going to email you but I can't find your email on your site. I thought you might want to know it says 'imagine' instead of 'images' in your copyright footer.)

    1. Thank you Doreen! I'm glad you like them. And thanks for the invite, you can visit the B Farm anytime too! (I'd seriously love to see your cabin in person!!)

      If you go to the contact me page and click on email me, it should take you to my email. And thanks for pointing out the all starts running together after a while. ha! :)

    2. Ok, it's all fixed. That's what happens when you paste and copy - every page has the same mistake. LOL.


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