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Dumpster Table Redo

Remember the table I saved from the dumpster? Solid wood but poorly stained (drippy and splotchy) and the legs in need of tightening. 

I got it all painted - I must say it looks way better. I made up some chalk paint using a sample can of paint I had. I must say that is a great way to use up those jars of paint samples!  I painted, distressed, and waxed it.

I added one of these for decoration to the front

after I sanded it and spray painted it with Looking Glass spray paint,

drilled a hole and screwed it on,

decorated it with things on hand,

and filled the wooden bowl with treasures found on the farm...

Didn't it turn out lovely? Nothing like a dumpster-find turned treasure and it's perfect for the entryway as it doesn't eat up a lot of space.

Loved spending the weekend here. Such a stress-reliever!

We have hay too! Finally hooked up with the guy who cuts the hay and there are all these big bales out in the pasture:

 I took Lucy for a walk out into the back acreage. She l…

Chair redo

Someday I'm going to have an art studio here at the farm. In case you didn't know, I'm an artist. I do illustrations, cards, calendars, etc. I have a small studio here at my city suburb house - you know, the spare bedroom. :-) It's not very large and storage is a problem. At the farm, my studio will be much bigger. Right now, it's part of the barn:
Those steps lead down to the back patio. So it's convenient to the house. It needs doors and windows but the space is there. Someday!
Anyway, I had this old chair I decided to use in the studio. Very proper and all, but suffering from age. Her springs were falling out, the fabric old and tired, and the finish was scuffed and worn. I knew she needed sprucing up but let's face it; it wasn't going to be an easy job and I'd never upholstered a chair like this before:

But, I needed a chair for others to sit on. I didn't need to buy one with this one available and I did love her, so I caved decided to tackl…

Hallway is done!

I am so excited! I finally got all the ugly, brown paneling painted. ALL of it. Last bit was down the hallway. Finally done! My little farmhouse is looking all nice and fresh. It's coming together! Here's a before and after - Sorry the pictures aren't better; it's hard to hit the light right:

(Somehow I didn't take a picture without the ladder and drop cloth. Oh well) Now all I have to do is paint those doors white (and spray paint the knobs with the Oil Rubbed Bronze!). The paneling is Creamy Mushroom and the walls are Ivory Palace, both Behr. It looks so much better! The door to your right is the guest bedroom. It's in the process of having its furniture redone and I'll repaint those walls too, as they are more of a peach than gold like I first thought. Not a peach person! :o) Stay tuned for a reveal on that room. I'm really excited about this room - it might actually be the one room that comes together all at one time. ha!
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Thrifty finds and dumpster diving

I just love going to thrift stores. Never know what you're going to find. Last week I found an IKEA table and talked them down from $64 to $20. Sweet! I'm going to make it into a bench. Mr. B shook his head and wanted to know when the madness was going to end. Never, Dear! I have the bug. (Sorry for the bad picture - I already have it loaded in my wagon - it's upside-down too. )

I also found a cute little cabinet. I will paint it white and replace the wallpaper in the back and use it for a medicine cabinet at the farmhouse. Can't you just see it? It was only $8.

And the best find this week? (Drumroll, please!) I've been looking and looking for just the right table to put by the front door at the farm. It needed to be narrow and I wanted a bottom shelf and ta da! while moving our daughter to her new apartment, I saw this by the dumpster:

College areas are full of cast-offs. I think it's PERFECT! Ok, it's rather ugly right now but with a little painting and …

Projects reveal

I finally finished my two projects - the napkin holder and wreath holder. If you remember, I started off with a plain white napkin holder I found at Good Will. It was cheap!
I cut out new sides from 1/4" Baltic Birch plywood, drew my design on, and painted it. Next, I painted the inside and edges of the holder with red spray paint. Then I used a strong glue to glue the new sides onto the napkin holder. Ta da! A new, cute napkin holder for the farmhouse! It has the same design on both sides:

I think it is just what we need!
Then there was the wreath holder from an old wooden spindle. Here it is with a wreath hanging on it. Notice how the notch holds the wreath perfectly:

I am happy with the results. I have two unique pieces and I was able to upcycle some items and make them brand-new again. Doesn't get much better than that! Hope to see you again at The B Farm.

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