Friday, August 17, 2012

Chair redo

Someday I'm going to have an art studio here at the farm. In case you didn't know, I'm an artist. I do illustrations, cards, calendars, etc. I have a small studio here at my city suburb house - you know, the spare bedroom. :-) It's not very large and storage is a problem. At the farm, my studio will be much bigger. Right now, it's part of the barn:

Those steps lead down to the back patio. So it's convenient to the house. It needs doors and windows but the space is there. Someday!
Anyway, I had this old chair I decided to use in the studio. Very proper and all, but suffering from age. Her springs were falling out, the fabric old and tired, and the finish was scuffed and worn. I knew she needed sprucing up but let's face it; it wasn't going to be an easy job and I'd never upholstered a chair like this before:

tufted back, velvety seat

beautiful lines though
But, I needed a chair for others to sit on. I didn't need to buy one with this one available and I did love her, so I caved decided to tackle the redo. I stripped her down to the frame, carefully documenting what each layer looked like. Oh dear, was she dirty and falling apart!

being stripped down
I originally had bought a red and gold fabric to recover her with but my studio colors are green and purple (and I wanted to paint the frame) so I found this really fun and funky fabric. Another big decision I made was not to re-tuft the back - decided it would be a much easier redo. So with that, I got busy: painted the frame white, distressed the carvings,  reassembled her and voila! Here she is:

All spruced up!
I absolutely love her modern look! Don't you? She sits in my small studio providing a relaxing seat but someday she will be a lovely addition to the new, larger studio. I'm dreaming of how that will look!

Thank you so much for stopping by The B Farm!
Have a blessed day,


  1. hi Cecilia ... When that re-do popped up, it really took me by surprise. I did a double-take, but that fabric really pops. I love it and you did a fantastic job on it. Much better than the fussy tufted look.
    Audrey Z.

  2. Very cute redo! I love the modern fabric, it looks perfect for an artist studio!

    1. I thought so, Karen. After all, we artists like fun and funky! :)

  3. Your chair makeover is amazing. The fabric is way fun.

  4. What a pretty chair!~ The fabric is very nice. Thanks so much for sharing with the party. Enjoy!~

  5. That chair is just cute, cute, cute all over! Perfect for your studio.


    1. Oh thank you Lynn! I am really enjoying it. It makes me smile.

  6. What a great makeover...LOVE the fabric that you went with. Come by and share it at my party. I have an awesome GIVEAWAY going on…like to shop? If you do…hop over and enter my $100 SHOPPING SPREE GIVEAWAY.


    1. Linda,
      Thanks for your kind words. I haven't been online for several days (been busy cleaning the studio, moving a child, and at the farm) so missed your party. So sad but love all the projects posted! Thanks for the invite and I'll try to catch the next one.


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