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Weekend progress

This weekend was busy, busy, busy. The best thing though, we accomplished so much. Bruce finished the cabinet removal and hung pendant lights. The kitchen is now ready for paint. Oh boy! That's going to be a fun hard job. Just in case you missed it, here's a before picture: before I wish I'd taken a before picture of the cabinet at a different angle. The cabinet came all the way to where the shelves are now with this little funky door for access at the bottom. There are no backs on these cabinets. You can see the wallboard behind so the shelves were the best option for the end here. oh yes, I'll be painting the insides for sure. shelf - end of cabinet Bruce did a great job. He even cut ends for the cabinet to cap off the shelves on the inside. opened up for wiring and cabinet capped off on inside. He had to build a frame to put up in the soffit so he could add the wiring for the lights. And of course, added the sheetrock to the  bottom. wired

Thrift store finds and other treasures

I've been looking for chairs for the dining room and I found 4 mismatched ones for - get this - $27 total. The most expensive one was $10. I love a bargain, don't you? They need cleaning and repainting but will look great at the table when done. mismatched but cheap! Don't you love it when you find what you want? I sure do! Also at the same thrift store, I found a wicker picnic basket (think I'll add a flower arrangement to it), a lamp and some pictures and small mirrors I intend to hang on the wall (after I work my magic on them, of course!) with my small gate. Remember it from a previous post? miniature gate misc. pictures and mirrors lamp The lamp will look wonderful in one of the bedrooms. Plus I've been digging around the house to find other things to take up to the farm for decorating. I've had an old window hanging on the fence. I think it's time for it to find a new home. old window Love the chippy paint. I need to secur