Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend progress

This weekend was busy, busy, busy. The best thing though, we accomplished so much. Bruce finished the cabinet removal and hung pendant lights. The kitchen is now ready for paint. Oh boy! That's going to be a fun hard job. Just in case you missed it, here's a before picture:

I wish I'd taken a before picture of the cabinet at a different angle. The cabinet came all the way to where the shelves are now with this little funky door for access at the bottom. There are no backs on these cabinets. You can see the wallboard behind so the shelves were the best option for the end here. oh yes, I'll be painting the insides for sure.
shelf - end of cabinet
Bruce did a great job. He even cut ends for the cabinet to cap off the shelves on the inside.

opened up for wiring and
cabinet capped off on inside.
He had to build a frame to put up in the soffit so he could add the wiring for the lights. And of course, added the sheetrock to the  bottom.

wired for lights
We found these barn lights at a building store. Perfect touch:

barn light pendants
Unfortunately, we couldn't find a larger version for above the table...I think I will have to improvise and make something. hmmm...maybe a galvanized tub painted to match?
Bruce made this bench for the table. I painted it green then white and distressed it. I need to do more I think.
bench Bruce made
 More pictures of the dining room with chairs and art added:
 Oh, I only painted one of the chairs. B talked me into leaving the others as is. The oak chair isn't pictured. It needs a spindle replaced so it's in the workshop.
chairs and bench
I got a lot of the art from a cafe that was going out of business. Sad for them, good for me. They really add to the "EAT" sign and the coffee art sign.

dining room art
The coffee art sign I made:
coffee art
Here's a close up. I love how it's all crackled.

close up of coffee art
Then I added art to the living room. Remember the hayfork I found in Canton? It's on the wall!

view of the fireplace. yikes, it needs work!

shelf with plate and tealight holders

close up- I love how the candle holders spell "HOME"
Would you believe I forgot my miniature gate? sigh
I still need an entry table of some kind. I found this picnic basket and added the wildflowers. I like it!

picnic basket on hearth filled with wildflowers
I also finally took pictures of the bathroom art
dog spa product art
and the wind chime made from spoons, etc. (another Canton find)

wind chime from spoons, etc.
It has a very pleasing sound. That's a glass bowl turned upside down. It's really cute.
Lastly, Bruce got the riding mower running. Hurray! No more hauling the lawn mower back and forth! (He's going to love that I posted this picture. haha)
it works!
It was a very busy, successful weekend. My twin sis has decided it's time to part with my mom's bedroom furniture and I am the lucky recipient. It will be my guest room furniture. But that's for another time. Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Oh boy what a job! Thanks for sharing and joining in on my newbie party. You need to add my link or button to your post letting others know you did as well.

    1. oh my. I fixed it. I'm still figuring out this posting and linking thing. Thanks for pointing it out to me! I definitely want to give credit to whom credit is due!


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