Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Hello! Let's Catch Up!

 Good morning! Goodness, it's been a long time! I've missed all of you.
Let's catch up, ok?

We moved to the farm full-time 2 years ago. That was quite the whirlwind - we had to get things sorted and packed, move things out to get the city house on the market, and we helped my daughter and son-in-law move to North Carolina. If that wasn't enough, I decided to hold a moving sale the weekend before we put the final load on the truck to move. Yikes.

What a joy to finally be here all the time. The back and forth was really starting to wear us out. We piled everything into the garage and started the process of putting things in their place.

Then Covid hit and the shutdown. I can't tell you how glad we were to be in the country with 32 acres to wander around. We harvested our honey (yum) then decided to close in our garage so we'd have  bigger living and dining areas, knowing we'd need the space when we could all gather together again.

It was messy and hot but we now have a nice new living area!

I took the pictures below with my phone...totally unstaged but they show the process:

outside wall up, painted and completed!

insulating the walls

enlarging the opening from kitchen to garage
walls are sheetrocked!

We chose vinyl plank flooring for its durability. It looks like real wood.

vinyl plank flooring

And away we go!

We had to fill in the concrete in corner by the door as it was uneven and sloped toward the wall. That held us up a bit but finally it was dry and we could finish the floor.

trim installed and painted

Getting the furniture in place

It felt good to be done except for the storage closet - we decided to tackle that another time. Of course, that meant all the Christmas boxes and other things were shoved against the wall.

All the Christmas boxes

And that's where it stayed for the next year. Come back next week to see what we finally did. It's pretty awesome!


  1. Helloooooooo so happy to see you post. OMG it is looking so great. We did the vinyl like you did and ours is slightly lighter but I love how it looks like wood and feels like wood. I cannot wait to see the whole room together. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Kris! I'm glad to be back. Isn't the flooring the best? Vinyl has come a long way!
      Happy Wednesday to you, too.

  2. Excited to see you posting again! Looking forward to see more of your project - love the vinyl floor! Jane


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