Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Color Me Happy - Adding Color Back To The House

I've enjoyed our new colorful living room so much.
 The touches of red, green and blue really bring the room to life.

It made me realize that trying to do neutral wasn't me even though I love the look in other people's homes. Therefore, I have embarked on a mission to add color back into my house.

I already had the red pillows and red plaid placemats for the dining area. I also made the red plaid curtain this past year.  My wall is full of colorful pictures and art.

 I found the flowers on clearance at JoAnn's. Yay for clearance! It will be fun to have different colorful looks for the seasons.

For the kitchen, I decided to add colorful plates and what's more perfect than Fiestaware?  I have very fond memories of my mom's turquoise set especially the tea pitcher and salt & pepper shakers.

I knew there was a vendor at the Canton First Monday Trade Days that sold Fiestaware. I had bought a red pitcher a couple of years back. So in July, dinner plates came home with me in a rainbow of colors along with a serving bowl in red and a small bowl in lime green.

And this month, I decided to get the salad plates but oh no! she wasn't there! Now what?!? Then I remembered her saying her shop was right off I-20 near Canton so I googled it and found it! Yay! A short drive and I had my rainbow stack of salad plates!
Don't they all look so fun on my open shelves?

Here's my red pitcher. I love it and it reminds me of my mom and her turquoise one.

The rest of the kitchen has little touches of color here and there- colorful tins and an old pottery bowl:
 Bright flowers and red pots holding greenery:
A fun coffee themed lamp:

And a cute red checked apron all add color to the kitchen.

Lastly, I thought I'd paint my bar stools but then I found three stools with backs at Salvation Army - a little scratched up but otherwise in good condition. I only needed two for my kitchen bar but they were too good a price to pass up plus I can use one up in the art studio so all three came home with me. The dark wood is not my style...and did I mention scratched up?
Here's one up in the studio at my small drafting table:

I painted them this past weekend and now...more RED! I used the same red I used on the tv shelf unit.

Aren't they so pretty?

And in case you're wondering, the bedrooms already have color - grey and red in the master and blues in the guest room. All I need to do is the laundry room. But that's a project for another time. (I need to do lots of work in there!)

How about you? Are you someone who likes color or are neutrals your thing?


  1. Your home looks amazing, Cecilia!! I do love all the red! Red has always been a favorite of mine and was the color I accessorized with most until we moved here. Now I've gone in the blue direction but my love of red is still there. ;)

  2. I love your warm colors, Cecilia. Everything looks so cozy and inviting!

  3. Love the red bar stools. Good job. Also love the painting you gave to KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms.

    1. Thank you! I love them too. And thank you, I really enjoyed painting it!

  4. Cecilia with your artist soul I would never believe you could be happy with neutrals. You need color. So happy to hear you embrace what makes you feel great. Your home looks great. I love red and would love red in my decor but like you I have tried and always have to go back to my whites and creams to feel happy. Funny how we all love what we see in each others decor and love it but need to stay true to what we love. Have a great new week.

  5. Your farm home looks wonderful with all the red. Red is one of my favorite colors even though right now I'm not using it in my home. After seeing yours I think that is going to change real soon.

    1. It's such a happy color, Sharon. It just makes me smile!

  6. Your red is darling. I like neutrals with a pop of color.

  7. Be still my heart!!!! There is nothing like red in the Kitchen in my mind!!! I love all your red touches in your lovely Kitchen!! Especially love those red stools!! I too have red stools!! I am definitely a color girl and I too admire a monochromic color theme in the homes of others but I find it too boring in my own home! Looking forward to seeing more posts about adding color to your home!! You go Girl!

  8. What a difference your red paint makes on your bar stools. I absolutely love them! Bright color suits you! Everything looks so cheerful and fun.

    1. Thank you, Laurel! I love them and they are comfy too! Loving all my bright spots of color! :)

  9. I love seeing a home filled with color....I must say that I love color and also love
    the neutral palette...however, I see your world filled with beautiful color as it reflects
    in your beautiful interiors!....Love your Fiestaware....I have boxes filled with them
    that I am unsure of what I will do with them....been collecting it for over 25 years.

  10. All righty then!!!! You and red are talking my language! I never left it even when I knew I was hopelessly "dated".
    Your home is beautiful!!! I can't wait to see it for Christmas!

  11. I went through this same phase in our home, too. It was a little too monochromatic. The sprinkles of color you added make the space so comfy.

  12. I loved everything about your house . Very very beautiful

  13. Looks nice. I like the red color.


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