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What's Up? Stuff I've Been Working On While Trying to Stay Cool

Good Monday afternoon! I don't have loads to share - it's been so hot so mostly watering stuff and trying to stay cool.

But, I wanted to share final pictures of the living room and a few of the art studio.

First up the living room - I added baskets to the entertainment unit and hung some of my artwork on the wall. I'm still loving my living room refresh and the burst of happy color!

Entertainment center with baskets added; artwork waiting to be hung on the walls:

Artwork hung on either side of entertainment unit:

Lamp on entry table:
 Here's what it looks like turned on. I like that the Eiffel Tower shows through.

Then we head out the backdoor to the art studio. Bruce wanted someway to know if I was in there without having to walk the whole way so I made a sign to hang outside the door. It is made from a small wooden palette I bought at Hobby Lobby.

I added paint splotches and the words then just added the chain through the thumb hole:
 I hang it up when I'm in the studio - Bruce can just glance up the path and if he sees it, he knows I'm there in the studio and doesn't have to go looking for me. :)

I received this wonderful gift from Kris over at Junk Chic Cottage. The saying is just perfect! Thank you, Kris. I love it!

 I hung it over my small drafting table next to my big easel (to the right - not pictured). It will be where I can be inspired every time I sit to paint.
inspiration for painting with kitten paintings on the small easel

With school starting soon, I found some goodies for my locker - round magnetic bins to hold clips, thumbtacks, etc., a white board for messages, and a locker shelf (it's inside...forgot to snap a picture of it). I'll move the round bins to the side for more of an uncluttered look:

And lastly, I'd like to leave you with some pictures of the paintings* I've been working on this summer:
"American Fishing Shack" 11x14" oil on canvas

"Fairy Tales" 8x10" oil on gesso board

"Woodland Song" 10x12.5" oil on gesso board
 A couple of small paintings for my kitchen gallery wall as well:
 bee and flowers and garden bicycle
both oil

I am working on adding some color to the kitchen and dining room as well.  Here's a sneak peak of something that's getting a makeover:

Thanks for dropping by. See you soon!

*All images are property of Cecilia Bramhall Art. Please do not share or copy.


  1. Love that flag painting. And I so want to find a set of lockers like yours:) Baskets look good in the tv cabinet. Stay cool! xo Kathleen

    1. Kathleen, I really lucked out with the lockers! They needed a little TLC (missing screws and back leg,clean up) but for $50, a real bargain. I love them. They are perfect for the studio.

      Thank you! I enjoyed painting the flag - it was from our trip to Boston and Beyond a couple of years ago. We're supposed to get rain today...not only do we need it but I'm hoping it will cool us off a bit.

  2. The TV cabinet looks pretty awesome with the baskets. I love the set of lockers. The little sign to let Bruce know you are in your studio is so cute. Glad you love the artist saying I sent you for your new studio. It looks perfect where you hung it. Loved the saying and I think it really resinates with you and your talented soul. Have a great new week ahead.

  3. You are so talented, Cecilia! Are you just as good at staying cool? Because I'm sweating my tushy off! We're hoping to get some rain today, but our chances have all but disappeared the past few days. But weatherman says it will be cooler....only 98 today ! Woohoo!

  4. Trying to stay cool for sure! You've been busy and with great results! I love the sign on the door and your art is really wonderful!

  5. Cecilia ... you are so clever and so talented. Love that you are displaying your art. The kittens painting is adorable. Great job on getting it all together. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.

  6. I love seeing what you're up to! First, I love the TV console now that you have it all decorated. I want to paint ours! It's black and shows dust so bad... I'll probably go with white... not too exciting but that's me LOL! My favorite thing here today are the lockers! So cool! And I wish I could paint like you do Cecilia! You are so talented. I don't know if you remember, but you sent me some Christmas cards in an exchange a few years ago and I still decorate with them at Christmas... I will not give them away! I kept them for myself. Anyway, enjoyed my visit, I hope you have a nice Thursday.

  7. LOVE the red entertainment center!!!!! Gorgeous!! And the red door stole my heart!! I always wanted a red door!!

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