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Making A Halloween Diorama From Craft Pumpkin

My twin sister loves Halloween. And since our birthday is coming up, I decided to make her something a little spooky but a whole lot of fun. I started with a black pumpkin along with some Halloween miniatures On the pumpkin, I drew a scary face then I cut out the shapes with an Exacto knife The inside of the pumpkin got painted orange so it would glow when lit up. The wooden haunted house was painted black - I had to cut off the top so it would fit inside Next I glued the haunted house and the skeleton dog inside (she loves her dogs so I had to include one). Boo Dog is standing guard just in case you're brave enough to come up to the house. 😉 hmmm, now I need something for the floor of the pumpkin. I wanted moss but all I had was green - not the look I was going for! I didn't want to go buy black spray paint either. So I flipped it upside down...perfect! Brown and spooky looking. That got glued down along with some flat stones to make a path. The

Happily Ever After - Wedding At The B Farm

We dreamed big dreams for making the farm the perfect wedding spot and worked hard to make it come true. The Ceremony Spot On the day of the wedding the weather was perfect and the Spot dressed up pathway to the Spot marked with streamers and with a table set up for the wildflower seeds The tent pitched and tables set up all ready for the reception The flowers all set in vases ready to be taken out to the tables - Megan did a great job making them! Signs and balloons put out along the roads and also placed along the pathway to the Ceremony Spot and tent The "Burma Shave" style sign was put out down the road right before the turn to our road...I don't have a picture of that unfortunately The heart marks the "Happily Ever After Begins Here" sign The chalkboard bistro sign - see what I used to make it in this post . Games were set out, the fire pit made ready, and lights strung up to light up the yard. It all came