Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Memories - Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is bittersweet for me...

Mom 💙

I lost my mother 15 years ago. I still miss her. I sure wish I could ask her questions I never thought to ask her, like, "How in the world did you keep your sanity with six children?" :)
the six of us: back row l-r: Tony, Joe, Christine
front row l-r: Me, Theresa, Denise

She was beautiful and amazing...after all she raised six children. I'm in awe; I only had two - can't imagine having more. :)
back row l-r: Theresa, Denise, Tony, Christine, Joe, Me
front row l-r: Mom, Grandma Pease

She loved to garden - irises were a favorite flower. Her favorite color was blue. A blue iris would definitely be favored!

She loved the beach but didn't want to go when it was hot so we'd always go at Easter since the kids had a long weekend.

I loved to pop over there during the day and sit and chat with her. I asked her questions about young children but never thought to ask her about adult children. (I guess I thought she thought we were all just perfect - ha!)

I'll enjoy my time with my children this weekend and cherish each second of it.
Jay being silly at Canton

Dylan, Megan, Me and Bruce at Halloween
And I'll be happy to celebrate my sweet mother-in-law.
Bonnie picking blueberries

But part of me will be missing my mom. If yours is still living, cherish the moments with her; if she's gone, cherish and hold onto the good memories. Until I see you, again Mom, I love you!
In memory of Lois Pease Keller


  1. Aww what a sweet tribute to your Mom, Cecilia. The last photo is so beautiful--I see the resemblance between you. Hugs & Happy Mother's Day to you, Friend!

  2. So sweet to have such wonderful memories of your mom to hold onto. Your mom's love and care helped you to become the great mom you are today. That is such a gift. Have a wonderful day on Sunday.

  3. Same here, Cecilia. Mom died in 2005, finally with my dad from 2003. It's odd the questions you come up with after your parents are gone. There is no one left to answer all the silly questions about your childhood. Or the serious ones you really need to know. She was a Keller!? We have Kellers all over the place here!! We lost Steve's mom the year between my mom and dad, so Mother's Day is a sad day for us as well. They were strong ladies, those moms! They went through a lot in their lives. We will remember them with love and tears in our eyes. Happy Mother's Day to you, Cecilia! (Patty)

    1. Patty,
      My dad was a Keller. They came over and landed in Galveston and went up to Mason. I wouldn't doubt there are relatives among the ones around you all. Mom was of French and English descent, maybe some Scottish in there. She always told me the French were where I got my olive complexion from. :) Dad passed away 8 years before her - both in February. Anyway, I guess with my daughter getting married, it's making me really miss her. Thank you for your sweet words. I don't think we ever get over missing our moms.

  4. Such sweet memories! Happy Mothers Day to you! Hugs, Sherry

    1. Thanks, Sherry. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  5. Beautiful, poignant post Cecilia. Sounds like you've been lucky twice...great mother and wonderful mil.


  6. Your mother was beautiful! I lost my mom almost 30 years ago (I was just out of college) and it changed my life forever. I miss her every day. So I know it's truly bittersweet around this time of year. We had great moms (mine raised 5) and we carry on their legacy every day. Happy Mother's Day, Cecilia!

    1. It's so hard sometimes. Everyone told me I was lucky to have her for forty years but I don't feel lucky. I'd have loved to have her many more years (as I'm sure you would have too). It does change you. Many hugs, sweet friend. Happy Mother's Day to you also.

  7. Cecilia, beautiful and touching post about your Mom. I lost my Mom in 1995, she was only 63. It is the unasked questions that haunt you forever. Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your family.

    1. Too young for sure, Sharon. Guess we always miss our moms. Hope you have a wonderful day as well.


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