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Creative Friday #8: Laundry Room Projects

Can you believe it's time for another Creative Friday? Wow, this week has gone by quickly. Welcome to Creative Friday #8! Today, I am wrapping up the final projects for the laundry room refresh. As you know from my previous post , the laundry room had gotten shabby and cluttered. I've cleaned and repainted and am now in the process of putting it all back together. I bought an IKEA Trofast to use as a bench in what I've started calling the "Drop Off Zone" - it's the spot a freezer would normally go in and directly across from the washer and dryer. It's where the cat litter box sits - the Trofast is the perfect size to hold the litter box. However, it needed a door to cover half of the front so I could hide the litter box.  I found a cabinet door at my local Habitat ReStore the perfect size (I paid $1 for it - score!). The bench and door got a couple coats of antique white paint. After it dried, I attached the door with some hinges and now have the

Choosing A Wedding Venue

As some of you know, we're in the middle of wedding planning, It's been pretty fun watching my daughter and her fiancĂ© go through the process.  Choosing a wedding venue is usually one of the first things you do. It can be overwhelming narrowing down all the choices out there. You want the perfect spot to create your memories in and WeddingWire can help you with that whether you live near any   New York City wedding venues ,   Chicago wedding venues ,   Los Angeles wedding venues , or  Austin wedding venues .   has put together " Which Wedding Reception Venue Is Right For You?   quiz  to help you choose and hopefully make that decision not only easier but also more fun! Megan and Dylan wanted an outdoor wedding and they chose our farm. That was easy! But then they needed to walk over the property and pick out a spot for the ceremony and the reception.  ceremony spot They had to decide if they wanted an open air reception or have a

Creative Friday #7: How to Hang a Wreath When You Can't Use a Wreath Holder

Welcome to Creative Friday #7! Today I am showing you not only how to hang a wreath on your door when a wreath hook won't work but a cute bunny wreath as well. I have this wreath from last year that I made. But my front door has molding on it which prevents a wreath hook from laying flat. I've tried command hooks which work ok for lighter wreaths but for my Easter/Spring wreath, they just don't hold. So what's a girl to do? Well, I have an easy solution! But first, I need to make a second wreath. Why, you ask? Hang on, you'll see in a minute! I gathered my supplies: a thrifted grapevine wreath, flower sprigs from Hobby Lobby, and a wooden bunny plaque from Target's Spot. I gave the bunny a coat of grey chalk paint followed by a light coat of white. After the paint dried, I gave the bunny a light sanding to distress it a bit. Then I glued the bunny on the wreath and tucked the flower sprigs around it. Easy! Next, I took a pretty gr

Azaleas! Wisteria! A Spring Tour

I'm nursing a hurt back again. Dang, getting older sure sucks. It used to be I could dig in the garden all day and just be a little sore - not this whole back hurting thing. Oh well. I did stop before it was awful but then I went and worked on the studio door, bending over it. I think that's what did it. Sigh. In spite of that, we had a wonderful weekend. The weather was just gorgeous! My mother-in-law and I headed up to the farm on Thursday. I was able to take care of securing hotel rooms for the wedding and we bought groceries for the weekend. We drove back through some neighborhoods and saw some pretty azaleas blooming in front of this old house: Love the wisteria "tree" out front: Then on Friday, Bonnie and I headed to Tyler to go see the azaleas. The Azalea Trail doesn't officially open until this weekend but since everything started blooming early, we knew we'd better get up there to see them before they faded. We walked around a historic neig