Monday, March 27, 2017

Choosing A Wedding Venue

As some of you know, we're in the middle of wedding planning, It's been pretty fun watching my daughter and her fiancé go through the process.

 Choosing a wedding venue is usually one of the first things you do. It can be overwhelming narrowing down all the choices out there. You want the perfect spot to create your memories in and WeddingWire can help you with that whether you live near any  New York City wedding venues,  Chicago wedding venues,  Los Angeles wedding venues, or Austin wedding venues.  has put together "Which Wedding Reception Venue Is Right For You? quiz to help you choose and hopefully make that decision not only easier but also more fun!

Megan and Dylan wanted an outdoor wedding and they chose our farm. That was easy! But then they needed to walk over the property and pick out a spot for the ceremony and the reception. 
ceremony spot
They had to decide if they wanted an open air reception or have a tent, the time of year to have it, how many people they were inviting, etc. 
reception spot - tent going to right of fence with grapevines. It is just up from the art studio
You get the picture. Lots of questions to think about - they help to narrow it all down to what exactly you want. 

If you don't have a ready made spot like Megan and Dylan did, WeddingWire's quiz walks you through some pertinent questions and from there takes you to various venues that suit your preferences. 

I found some beautiful outdoor areas that would work if they weren't getting married at the farm. For Central Texas, Chapel Dulcinea is stunning - it sits on the edge of a cliff with spectacular views; 

Gruene Estate has a charming open air chapel with stain glass windows; 

then for East Texas (where the farm is),  Castle on the Lake  just looks really cool with a castle and stunning views.

Of course, we are fortunate to have a beautiful gem, Sabor a Pasion close to the farm.


 Chef Simon will be providing the food for the reception and we've reserved the cabins for the wedding party. 

And in case of bad weather and we need to move the wedding inside, there's a ballroom. It's always good to have a backup plan when planning an outdoor wedding - removes some of the stress and worry about the weather!

Choosing a venue can be easy and fun when you know what you want. Take WeddingWire's quiz and get started finding the spot of your wedding dreams!

Happy Planning!


  1. All these venues look amazing, and I know your daughter's wedding is going to be beautiful and rain free Cecilia! But it's always good to have a Plan B because you never know when it comes to Mother Nature.

    When Sarissa got married we looked at a place that was on the top floor of a building that overlooked St. Patricks Cathedral. It would have been magnificent at night! But she nixed the idea because the plan b wasn't very appealing. As it turned out the weather was gorgeous and I was sorry she didn't choose that place. Do over! Lol

    Have a great week!!


  2. My nephew married outdoors in Odessa at the end of May. The day before the wedding when we were icing the wedding cakes, it was 95 degrees. The next day when the wedding started it was 65. When my son married in October, it was 80 when the wedding started and 65 and the wind was blowing when the reception was over. It was outdoors also. Having a plan B location is essential, especially in Texas. :)
    Have fun with all the steps along the way!

  3. Cecilia, you've gotten a lot done! Weddings are so much fun these days. Have I said that already? Well, it's really fun to be the guest. I'm sure it's so much work for you. ;)

  4. Wow! All those venues are gorgeous! It is good to have a backup plan for sure. You just never know. Hopefully everything will go as planned though...:) So exciting...I love weddings! Have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Vicky


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