Friday, February 3, 2017

Scrabble Letter Sign (and a New Weekly Blog Feature)

Hello my friends!

I love word games. I love to win said word games. Get me to play Words With Friends or Scrabble and get ready - the competitive monster rears it's not so pretty head and I'm out to win...with as many points as I can manage.

It's pretty much gotten to the point my family won't play me. And when they do, they gloat when they manage to win. (I can't imagine where they learned that. ahem.)

Today I'd like to introduce to a new feature on my blog - one I will post every Friday. I'm calling it "Creative Friday".

Hopefully, it will help me clear out some of my project stash while providing you with lots of fun and creative projects. On each Friday, I'll share a creative project. It might include an art project, some crafting fun, or furniture makeovers...the sky's the limit!

For my very first Creative Friday, I'm sharing a project I'm making for my gallery wall (you can read about it here). What does it have to do with word games? I'm very glad you asked!

I thought it might be really fun to make a sign using Scrabble letters. I have a jar of Scrabble tiles I found in Canton and several old fence pickets just waiting to be turned into fabulous stuff. Paired with my love for word games it seemed a no brainer.

To begin, I dumped out my jar of letters, gathering the letters to spell out our names. Of course, I wanted them to spell off of each other just like you do in Scrabble. I used Family for the first word and went from there.

 I added my name playing off the "a" in "family", then added "Bruce" off the first "C" in my name. "Jay" was next off the "y", then "Megan" off the "m" and finally "Dylan" was added off the "n" in "Megan". Perfect! It's going to work out nicely.

Next, I took one of my pickets and cut two pieces the same length. Then I sanded them. (If they're really dirty, you might want to wash them down first).

 On the back I glued and nailed little support bars to hold them together.

 Lastly, I made a wash of paint by first lightly dipping my brush into the paint, dabbing it on an old lid (you could use a styrofoam plate) then adding water to the paint on the lid until I had a runny mix of paint and water. I used that mixture to paint the "stain" onto my boards. (I really watered my paint down but you could paint it thicker if you want a more painted look).

After the paint dried, I drilled holes in the upper corners and threaded a piece of rope through, knotting it in front.

Then it was time to add the letters. First, I measured and found the center of the boards. From there, I started with the word "family" making sure the middle of the word was in the center. I glued each letter down, making them as straight as I could.

It worked out perfectly - everybody wins in this word game. So I guess we can all gloat. :o)

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  1. Love it Cecilia ... you are so creative.
    Audrey Z.

  2. This is so ingenious, using your family's names! I love using old Scrabble tiles for projects, too. We get pretty competitive in our house as well:) xoKathleen

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! It was fun to do. The wall is coming together!

  3. What ?! The Boys don't get on the board? :-(

  4. What a special piece. How wonderful that all the names worked out like that. I look forward to your new blog feature each Friday....each Creative Friday. Have a great weekend.

  5. Love your family scrabble! I'll be looking forward to Creative Friday!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I hope I can get those projects taken care of finally! This will be good incentive to do them. :)

    2. Thank you so much for sharing your family scrabble at Snickerdoodle.

  6. What fun! I love Scrabble. I learned to play it when I was really young and that is THE ONLY game that I ever win at. As a matter of fact, none of the kids will play with me because I always
    Maybe I should take all my letters and spell out their names with the word LOSERS at the top? nah...Too obvious! lol
    You did a great job and it is a really fun project! xo Diana

  7. Love me some scrabble tiles! Your sign is awesome!Looking forward to your weekly feature ;)

  8. So creative and fun!
    Happy Monday,

  9. Oh I love that idea. Thanks for sharing your "creativity" with us. I have to try a sign now. Looking forward to your Friday posts. :)


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