Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wedding Dress Try On Party

Love is in the air! The wedding plans are under way and we've been busy making lists and figuring out what needs to be done when.

Tonight my daughter tried on dresses. She found a site that lets you order sample dresses which they then send to your home for you to try on. This suits her better as she wants a simpler dress than what she found in the bridal stores. She decided to make a party out of it and invited her bridal party over to see her choices!

The decorations were love inspired: cute cherubs,

A table runner from Target's Spot with hearts on the end!


some Mercury glass type candle holders for bling,

And"love" wine charms also from Target:

We had lots of food - yummy Mex Tex Chicken Melts, hot pizza dip with pita chips, spinach salad with strawberries and balsamic dressing, and other goodies,

And Autumn Apple Sangria , a recipe we found on Pinterest - we wanted to try it out to see if it was wedding worthy. It was delicious so it made the cut!

We had fun seeing her dress choices. She's narrowed them down to two - which one will she pick? She decided she needed to sleep on it and maybe try them on again tomorrow. She said she'd let me know.

Either way, which ever one she chooses, she's going to be beautiful!


  1. Such a lovely event! And such a hard decision for Megan. Either way she's going to be beautiful!

    1. It was really fun. I know some girls love all the attention they get at the bridal stores but it just stresses Meg out. This was perfect.

  2. What a fun idea! I know you are loving this process. :)

  3. Such a novel idea. Must have been a lot of fun. The food sounds so good.

  4. Great idea for a special way of celebrating the bride. I'm tucking this away for future reference.

  5. Oh Cecilia what an exciting time. OMG I love this idea of them sending you the dresses to try at home and having a special and very personal get together for this. This is just awesome. My youngest daughter that is not married but has a serious boyfriend might be getting engaged soon so I am going to keep this in mind. I am always looking for a good Sangria recipe so I will pin this one.

  6. What a fun way to celebrate the dress choosing with friends and family...I love it! Enjoy your special times!

  7. How fun! What a wonderful way to celebrate this special occasion! Your table is lovely and wow--what a great website!

  8. What a totally fun idea! & great way to find the perfect dress. The Sangria sounds so good, just thinking about apples and the spices that go with them, yum. Enjoy all the planning!

  9. So pretty and everything sounds and looks yummy! What a cool idea to have dresses sent to your home to try. That is awesome! Sort of like Stitch Fix for brides! I know you are enjoying every second of this time. Such a sweet time in her life and yours. Have a lovely rest of the week!

    Hugs, Vicky

  10. What a great idea! Never knew anything like that existed, but it makes perfect sense.

    Such a fun time for you all!

  11. such a beautiful fun-filled event...

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  12. What a wonderful idea and your decor is perfect! Best wishes in advance to your daughter and future hubs!

  13. How fun! I can tell you are embracing every moment!


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