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Random Tuesday

Hi Friends!

I just have some random things I want to discuss with you today. Maybe get your thoughts and ideas.
Definitely share what's going on.

Here's a view of our driveway from about half way up looking down toward the road:
This is one of the areas I want to make pretty for the wedding! It needs a lot of work.

A zoomed in view of the flowerbed that needs to be cleaned out:
There's landscape timbers at the top that probably need to be replaced, I need to dig out all the weeds, and then plant flowers. But whatever I plant needs to be deer proof and butterfly friendly would be a big plus. I have several lantanas that need to be moved so they will probably be planted along here for starters. I open to suggestions but they need to be tough. And I'd love to have a low fence too - maybe split rail?

 And when I turn around, the top of the driveway. The house is to the right:
There's a small strip of woods on the right where I spent a long time raking up leaves. (Pretty sure it caused my allergies to flare up from all the damp leaf mold.) I want to clean that up and plant it with pretty woodland plants since it's a view we see from the front porch. Again any suggestions on pretty deer proof or resistant plants? I'm in zone 8.

Then there's these beauties. They're confused by the warm weather we had up to the end of December:
 Pretty - we don't usually see them until February.

On the front porch is my large lantern turned gnome home:
 I need to work on it. The house is a birdhouse I repainted (it was a schoolhouse and ugly) and added some bits of whimsy to but it still needs work (I don't really like the color I painted it). Plus I need to secure the pieces down - they keep falling over.

Doesn't this look like a fairy door in the tree trunk? I might have to dress that up as well if I can figure out how to get the dogs to leave it alone.

And remember this guy? I finally named him! I figured he needed an English name so I decided on Wyndham. It's really fun watching him change directions as the weather changes. I love that I can see him not only from the back porch of the house but also the art studio. I think we're going to have a lot of adventures through my artwork. He's a friendly dragon after all. 😊

Lastly, I'm in the process of purging the studio at the city house. I have so many bits and pieces from old hobbies that I no longer need plus just the accumulation of stuff that needs to go. I'm making room for my new toy I got for Christmas too - a Cameo Silhouette! I'm not letting myself play with it until I'm done with this purging project because I know once I start, I'll be hooked and not want to do the cleaning I need to do. So, I'm forcing myself to stay on task.
What that means is you might not hear from me much in the next couple of weeks. But don't worry. I'll be back to share more progress on the studio and other things.

Until then, stay warm and well!


  1. I'm horrible at plant selection Cecilia but I'm sure you have very creative and knowledgeable readers that can help. I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful.

    Wyndham is a perfect name for your friendly dragon.

    I look forward to seeing what you create with your new Cameo Silhouette. I have a Brother Scan and Cut that came in a bundle when I purchased my embroidery machine. I haven't used it very much...mostly because I am consumed with other things.

  2. Your tree is the perfect fairy garden spot! I have a suggestion for a deer proof flower--blue sage! Once it is established, it spreads and reseeds itself. The pretty blue flowers are often mistaken for lavender. It's drought resistant and the deer don't touch it. Plus it has the rustic wildflower look perfect for the wedding ;)

  3. You have a lot going on Cecilia and I hope you don't get overloaded! I had problems with deer eating all my flowers at my old home and never quite mastered outsmarting them with plants they didn't like. But my one suggestion is ornamental plants. They can grow really big and come in different colors. I ordered purple seeds but haven't had a chance to start them. Hopefully, I'll get them going indoors next month.

  4. Wow- That is an ambitious project along the road there! BUT- that being said, it will be wonderful and beautiful when it is all done. Just don't make yourself crazy trying to get everything done! I don't know that zone and have never had to deal with deer so I am of absolutely no help there.
    Have fun purging. I did so much of that this last fall and it feels SOOO good. I know you will do a great job and then will have fun with your new toy! xo Diana

  5. Deer have eaten my Gerber Daisies and Zinnias but have never bother my Vinca which are drought resistant reproduce plentifully and have pretty blooms in multiple colors.

    1. Oh darn, I was hoping they'd leave zinnias alone. But I do love vinca so that's good to know! Thanks, Freddie!

  6. Hi Cecilia,
    I love to purge and get rid of things so new things can come in lol! I know you will have the drive looking so pretty come Spring and Summer.

  7. Oh I'm terrible at landscaping, and between the voles and deer, pretty much plant in pots. I would be hiring a gardener/landscaper, lol, so am no help. I would think about what would be blooming when they marry though.

    Good luck with that purging. It is taking me forever to clear out my craft space, which will be my new painting space. It's not easy to stay focused. :)

    1. I wish I could hire a landscaper! It sure would be nice to let someone else do the hard work. Oh well. We have gophers too so whatever I plant has to be able to stand up to them and the deer.

      I'm halfway around the room; it's looking good! I tend to jump around so I'm doing pretty good to stay focused this long. Guess I'm motivated! ha! :)

  8. Cecilia, most salvias are left alone by the deer because they're stinky. I would definitely recommend them. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. And they are well suited for that location. Maybe a giant turk's cap ? I had monarch's hanging on mine this year. Another great one for our winged friends is a buddleia. The lantana can get large, and there is a low growing one for the front of the bed. If you didn't want a wooden fence you could always purchase the metal pieces that stick in the ground. Re: the fairy door...I also have a similar hole in one of my trees and I want to build a small door to stick there. You should be able to whoop that out quickly! I'm surprised your narcissus is blooming before mine! and.... STILL love that dragon!

    1. I wish you lived closer, Cecilia, I'd load you up with all sorts of plants! Any plans to come to San Antonio soon ?

  9. I don't know much about plants vs. deer but I just saw this and thought you might want to try it:


  10. Hi Cecilia ... you will be one busy lady but I know you will enjoy what you do. I am surprised the deer have not eaten your Narcissus. They eat mine as soon as the bloom opens. You will get a lot of suggestions for plants and I am sure you will make everything beautiful for the wedding. The Blue Sage that Cecilia at My Thrift Store Addiction would be perfect. Good luck.
    Audrey Z.

  11. Good Morning!
    So much to accomplish on your acreage,but you know it will look totally different once we leave Winter behind-green and thriving.
    When is the Wedding again?
    I love all of your ideas and even though you have one comment on deer eating their zinnias, I have not had that problem. I am wondering if we have a different species and or that I grew mine all from seed?? Anyway it might be worth experimenting with.
    Everything will be glorious!
    Happy New Year!

  12. I can't wait to see what you plant and do to the driveway. I think a split rail fence sounds perfect! I am planning to put a short span of split rail up in my front yard...eventually. It's on the mile long list of things to do. LOL! The lantern is adorable and the tree idea is so neat! I hope you're able to do something with it but I understand that would be a huge temptation for the dogs. And I am still loving Wyndham! Have a great week!

  13. I don't know if lavender grows in your area, but it is a great deer resistant plant, plus the smell is heavenly! Think you have a lot on your plate to get down, taking it a bit at a time, and not getting overwhelmed and just being thankful for small progresses will help it go better. So exciting to be planning the wedding there :) Happy to visit you today, it has been a while :)


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