Friday, January 6, 2017

Progress On The Studio - First Project of 2017

Hurray! Hurray!! HURRAY!!!
Last week was amazing! Not only did we spend the whole week at the farm, but our son Jay came up and stayed with us for 5 days, Bruce's brother and mom came up for a couple of days, and wait for it...
Tin Roof Studio got her windows and door installed!! 
It was Bruce who thought the barn bay with the concrete floor would make a great art studio.   It was Bruce who strongly encouraged me to think about it. And it is Bruce who is making it all happen! (Go Bruce!)
In the beginning this is what it looked like
And this past week, Tin Roof Studio really begin to look like a real studio.

On Monday, Bruce and Jay got busy getting the wall ready for the first window - framing the wall, cutting the hole and dry-fitting the window. 
I have to admit it was a little scary to watch the tin being cut but it went perfectly
Tuesday, they placed the window.Yippee!  One window down, two to go. 
On Wednesday we went to the same salvage place where we got the two front windows and found a door. (This place is pretty awesome. - they have just about everything! And it's very reasonable. You just have to dig for what you want). Work could now proceed on the front walls!
loaded and ready to take back to the B Farm
Then Thursday, Bruce started building the front walls, getting ready for the two big windows.
On Friday, B's brother Barry and his mom came up and with his brother's help got to work on the big windows and walls! 

The first window went up with our neighbor Simon helping lift the wall. Thank goodness, I didn't have to try to help. That baby is heavy!
As they started the second wall, they had fun teasing me about it being a studio/deer blind. Uh, no! I don't think so. LOL.
Bruce and Barry got the second window in place, then with Jay's help, they lifted it and got it nailed in. By evening, both windows were in, the walls up and secured, and the area above the door also closed in (oops, forgot to take a picture of that). 
And by lunchtime Saturday, the studio had a door! What a difference it makes having it all enclosed. 
Shall we go inside? I know you're dying to see what it looks like!

I can envision my easel here in this corner. The light is going to be fantastic!
My easel will be in the corner where the ladder is

Here's the other side. I plan on having a real cool backdrop area for photographing things:
To say I am excited to have the studio to this point is a definite understatement. The next step will be drying it all in. I can't wait to start creating in there. It's going to be fantastic!

I'd like to give a big shoutout to my son, Jay, and brother-in-law, Barry, for helping get the windows in and the front closed in. And thanks, Simon, for helping lift the wall. (Bet you didn't know you were going to have to help when you popped over to see the progress. 😀) We couldn't have done it without you!

Bonnie and I weren't slacking while the guys were working. She and I raked leaves, cut back branches, and hauled leaves to the burn pile. Jay did lots and lots (ok the majority) of leaf raking and burning plus digging out thorny briars. I hope they know how much I appreciate their hard work!

Those pictures of the colored leaves? 
Not from this Fall. I actually took those between Christmas and New Years. Our weather has been crazy warm with a few cold days here and there. While most of the leaves are down, I found these still clinging in full Autumn glory. 

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  1. You're pictures are GREAT!! Progress is fantastic isn't it? Love Love this and so excited for you. Those front windows are beautiful. A studio sounds like a perfect dream, I need to add it to my list when we finally get settled on our piece of land.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

    1. Thanks, Carole! I'm very, very excited. We were talking about where I'd set up my art stuff when Bruce said "you know, the garage part of the barn would be perfect for that." I agreed but thought he was kind of teasing me...nope, my man was serious. And those windows....I still can't believe we found two of them. The salvage place has plenty, but few matching and several are broken. Then to find two alike, with the arch (what I really wanted but would have settled), unbroken was beyond wonderful! The price? $100 each. Sold!
      And I'll even have space for my power tools eventually. Yay! You should definitely build one!

      Cecilia 😊

  2. Omg Cecilia!! I can't believe how beautiful it's becoming! Well, actually I can, but seriously, how lucky are you??!! Your Bruce is a keeper!


  3. Oh Cecilia this is becoming a masterpiece in itself. Ohhhhh the natural light you will get in there for when you are painting is fabulous. It looks great. Yeah to Bruce for making this vision come to life.
    What a great guy to give you this special gift. You will be able to embrace your creative soul in this space for sure. I am just over the top excited for you.

  4. This is so exciting! All of those windows will be perfect for your painting studio. :)

  5. This is truly a labor of love, Cecilia! Your hubby did GOOD! What a wonderful idea and follow through! I can't imagine how excited you are! The design of the windows are absolutely stunning and will provide the perfect lighting for your awesome creations! Can't wait to see more! And oh, Happy New Year, Cecilia!

  6. Wow! The studio is really coming along. They did so much in such a short amount of time. That space is going to great!

  7. Awww..Cecilia!!! That is going to be just fantastic! Lucky you! And lucky you to have a hubby that can do that sort of thing! I have a brilliant man and the only nail he can hit with a hammer is attached to his thumb! AND he was raised in the lumber is funny, huh?
    I just can't wait to see that project all come together there. How very exciting!!!! xo Diana

  8. Your studio is going to be wonderful. The light in there is amazing. You will create so many great projects in there and teach many an enlightening class. Can't wait to see the studio when it is finished.

  9. I am so jealous! Such a great studio, great light and a tin roof to boot! I think I'd like rainy days almost as much as sunny ones! What a great hubby/family. I'm so happy for you. xoKathleen

  10. This is SO exciting! What a wonderful studio it is going to be. So clever and creative.

  11. Yay--I am so excited for you! Sounds like a wonderful week and it is LOOKING GOOD! Hugs, Cecilia

  12. Cecilia, this is such fantastic news! Oh, I just *know* you are going to enjoy many, many happy moments creating in your lovely wonderful that it is a team effort to get it ready!
    Love your are amazingly creative!
    Love and hugs,


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