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Painting Class in the Vineyard and a Lampshade Makeover

This past Saturday, I taught a painting class in the vineyard next door to our farm. The Dogwood Trails Celebration is going on in Palestine so we thought it would be good to offer a related activity. Ten ladies came and we had a blast! I love how everyones' paintings turned out. All different, all wonderful! Thank you  Sabor a Pasion  for hosting us. Let's do another class soon! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the first things we made for the farm kitchen was this coffee cup lamp ( you can read about it by clicking here ). I have loved the way it added some whimsy to my kitchen. Over time, it moved from the corner on crates to the kitchen counter. But what I haven't loved is its shade...I thought the burlap would be the perfect touch for my farmhouse kitchen. I even added some mini pom-poms to the edge. Cute, right? Not quite; the burlap wasn't wo

Refreshing the Backyard at the City House

This weekend we were in the city. Our backyard is in rough shape from these two: I don't mind my picture being taken! Mom! I don't want to pose for a picture! But how can you be upset at those sweet faces? However, they are now three and seem to be leaving most things alone nowadays. Time to lay a trial patch of grass down so after raking all the live oak leaves up (for those who aren't familiar with live oaks, they drop their leaves in the Spring. So you get to rake a second time. Yay), Bruce roto-tilled a strip along the patio and pathway Added some fertilizer, and laid down the sod. Final touch was to string a wire to direct the boys around the grass and water. Meanwhile, I started digging out my water drain along the fence that had filled in with dirt over the last few years. Notice the rocks in the lower right hand corner? That's what's under the dirt. I will need to wash them off and put

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wishing you a very happy St. Paddy's day!  Happy Spring! Cecilia

Monday Musings

I discovered something this weekend... The big fireplace at the farm no longer annoys me. I'm not sure why as we've done nothing to it, but suddenly the space no longer makes me grit my teeth. I'm relieved and I'm sure Bruce will be relieved. That's not to say I don't want a different mantel someday but for now I am ok with how it looks. We had lots and lots of rain last week. The driveway is washed out in areas and Bruce will need to drag the dirt back up the hill. The pond filled up: And the creek is running. I know in a short time both will dry up  but for now I'm enjoying it. The dogs love it too. They are predicting temperatures in the 90's the early part of this week followed by a cool down into the 60's. Good old Texas weather. They always say if you don't like the weather here just give it a day or two and it'll change. That's especially true during our Spring and Fall. We took Bruce's mom

Spring/Easter Wreath and The Bluebonnet Blog Hop

Happy Friday, y'all! Today I am joining my Texas blogging sisters in the Bluebonnet Blog Hop. Be sure to visit all the links for some Springtime inspiration! Spring has sprung in Texas. The bluebonnets are starting to bloom and with the rain we've gotten this week, I'm sure they will be putting on quite the show shortly. This Texas girl loves bluebonnet season! There is absolutely nothing like standing in a field of them and breathing in their unique scent! To say I love Springtime in Texas is an understatement - it makes my heart happy to see everything bursting into bloom, leafing out, and the temperatures up in the 70's and low 80's. It makes me ready to celebrate! With all the cute Easter stuff out there I have been inspired to create a Spring/Easter wreath. I started off with a grapevine wreath I found at GW ages ago. It had some faded silk flowers on it I pulled off and ever since it has been waiting to be repurposed. It is really large so I

Cecilia (times 2) and Canton Fun

Cecilia from My Thrift Store Addiction and I (yes, there are two of us!!) went to Canton this past weekend. It was her first time to go - she drove up and met me at my house in Pflugerville then on to the B Farm we went.  (Be sure to hop over to Cecilia's blog to read her take on Canton.) We got to Palestine by supper time - I took her to one of our favorite restaurants in Palestine, Switch , where we had one of their brick oven pizzas. I love their pizzas but may I just say the mushroom pizza is probably my new favorite? Yum, yum! It was so so good! We left stuffed and happy. Friday morning we got up early and drove to Canton. Two Cecilias, Canton, and Junkin' = Loads of Fun! First on the stop was Laurie Anna's Vintage Home shop. Oh my! So much inspiration, so beautifully decorated. Next, onto the flea area of Canton. Acres and acres of junkin' heaven. Just about anything you can imagine, you can find. Rusty, crusty things: Windows and doors: