Monday, March 21, 2016

Refreshing the Backyard at the City House

This weekend we were in the city. Our backyard is in rough shape from these two:
I don't mind my picture being taken!
Mom! I don't want to pose for a picture!

But how can you be upset at those sweet faces? However, they are now three and seem to be leaving most things alone nowadays. Time to lay a trial patch of grass down so after raking all the live oak leaves up (for those who aren't familiar with live oaks, they drop their leaves in the Spring. So you get to rake a second time. Yay), Bruce roto-tilled a strip along the patio and pathway

Added some fertilizer, and laid down the sod.

Final touch was to string a wire to direct the boys around the grass and water.

Meanwhile, I started digging out my water drain along the fence that had filled in with dirt over the last few years.

Notice the rocks in the lower right hand corner? That's what's under
the dirt. I will need to wash them off and put down landscape fabric
before adding them back into the drain. 

 Our backyard sits lower than our neighbor's so we get a lot of rain draining through. This helps direct it out toward the street. I still have a ways to go but I'm making progress.

Next up is refreshing the patio furniture - it needs new paint, umbrella (sadly this one is torn otherwise I'd just paint it), and cushion refresh (they either need washing or if too faded, I'm going to try painting them). 

This is to the side of the barbecue area. I want to put mulch or rock down.

And I need to take all my plants out of the greenhouse and place them on the patio and around the yard.
waiting on plants
The side yard also needs some attention. Weeds need to be pulled, the birdbath planter replanted (and squirrel proofed!), and the bicycle refreshed.

Inside, I'm thinking of repainting the kitchen and the hall bath. Both need a freshening up. I just need to decide on colors. 

Whew! Spring always brings lots of projects my way. Are you the same way?

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. Cecilia, looking good! I love the weather we're having but yes, it seems like I'll be working on spring projects for months--probably until it gets too hot!

  2. oh, yes! We've been working our tails off on the weekends. I work outside nearly every day, but when Hubby is off work, we do the big stuff. Last month we demolished an old tin shed and put it on the trailer to take a load of scrap metal to recycling. How on earth did we end up with over a ton of the stuff? Then we took down our wooden shed that was over our well equipment. The weekend after that we built a frame to pour a concrete pad for the new well shed. Weekend after that we moved a small shed on the property to its new location onto the concrete to be the new well shed. The past two weekends were hooking back up the electric (I had to stay near Steve in case he tried to electrocute himself) and the water. We were successful. I have gotten started on clearing part of our property that has grown up with junk trees and, this year, a banner crop of beggar's lice and velcro plant. I have a shrimp plant that has gone wild and it needs to be eradicated as well. For the very first time ever I held -- and used -- a weed eater. After about half an hour I couldn't lift my left arm if my life depended on it. I think I'll get out the RoundUp instead. Whew!

  3. Your yard is going to be amazing! You reminded me that we need to dig out our drain ditch too. We need to stain our fence. AND we are building a little pond in our yard. Squeal!!

    Your dogs are so beautiful. You can see a soul in those eyes. ♥

  4. Looking good Cecilia ... glad you are having wonderful Spring weather and getting a lot of yard work done. Keeping the drain areas open is a real big job. We are also dealing with that at our rental house.
    Audrey Z.

  5. Cecilia,
    Beautiful Spring weather sure helps with all of the duties that go with it!
    Your yard is gong to be wonderful, I just know you are excited to finish the project.
    We are struggling with the wind and the new garden-just can't seem to keep enough water on it.
    Happy Gardening Hugs,

  6. I was reading this post and nodding. Yep. Spring = projects. Can't wait to see everything when you get it done. :)

    Happy day friend!

    1. Thanks KariAnne. Keeps me out of trouble ;-)

  7. 2 of my 7 trees (in Dallas) are live oaks --- what a pain! Your yard will look great after that labor! & I love your dogs. thanks

    1. I'm making progress but still raking oak blooms...messy but I like that they stay green all winter. :-) Aren't they cuties? They really are sweet dogs!

  8. You certainly are doing lots of sprucing up!...and I must say that I love that sidewalk with the grass and stepping stones...Have always admired that look!

    1. Our yard used to be all grass then the dogs...ha. So far they have left it alone so there is hope. We are hoping to move next year to the farm so we are trying to tackle much needed work around here. :-)


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