Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cecilia (times 2) and Canton Fun

Cecilia from My Thrift Store Addiction and I (yes, there are two of us!!) went to Canton this past weekend. It was her first time to go - she drove up and met me at my house in Pflugerville then on to the B Farm we went.  (Be sure to hop over to Cecilia's blog to read her take on Canton.)

We got to Palestine by supper time - I took her to one of our favorite restaurants in Palestine, Switch, where we had one of their brick oven pizzas. I love their pizzas but may I just say the mushroom pizza is probably my new favorite? Yum, yum! It was so so good! We left stuffed and happy.

Friday morning we got up early and drove to Canton. Two Cecilias, Canton, and Junkin' = Loads of Fun!

First on the stop was Laurie Anna's Vintage Home shop. Oh my! So much inspiration, so beautifully decorated.

Next, onto the flea area of Canton. Acres and acres of junkin' heaven. Just about anything you can imagine, you can find.

Rusty, crusty things:

Windows and doors:

Cecilia checking out some Jadeite

And so much more.
Cecilia looking for treasures
Oh the door, the books in the drawer, that sign! How I wanted that sign.
We shopped and shopped. We found treasures.

We found potential treasure.

We shopped until the vendors started closing down their booths. Happy, we took our treasures back to the car and headed back to the farm. It was definitely a successful trip!

Here's what I bought:
The basket for my garden bicycle, the pulley with the star, a spring, some wooden wheels for a project:

This linen with all the days of the week and cats doing something different on each day (sorry for the less than perfect picture...I'll show it another time after I iron it).

And this green chair for the dining room:

I also picked up this pulley for my friend Susan:

She hung it up on her pergola and plans to use it to hang plants from:

It was really a perfect day with perfect weather to shop. We throughly enjoyed it.

Saturday morning, we took a stroll around the farm. The redbuds and wild plums were in full bloom and the dogwoods are starting to peek out.

Sadly, it was then time to pack and head back. But we left happy with the treasures we'd found and the time spent together. It feels funny saying, "hey, Cecilia! Look at this!" - kind of feels like I'm talking to myself.  LOL. But!

I'm so glad Cecilia decided to make the drive to go to Canton with me. It was a blast!
Cecilia Squared
Be sure to visit Cecilia at My Thrift Store Addiction (click here).


  1. This was so fun ~ it might need to become an annual tradition ;) Hugs from the "other" Cecilia

  2. What fun you two must have had! Looks like a lot of treasure was found too. Sb

    1. Oh we had a blast! There is just so much to see there. We only covered about a third of all the area. Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Hi Cecilia ... what fun you two had. Thanks for sharing. I saw a lot I would have loved to buy ... love the egg sign too. Canton has been on my wish list for years, but I am sure I will never be able to go now. Loved seeing part of your farm too.
    Audrey Z.

  4. Well there y'all were in two of my favorite places - Laurie Anna's and the flea market! I live just 45 minutes from Canton. We should have a bloggers meet up some time. :)

  5. What treasures! I saw so many cool things in the pictures! And my porch made it in one of your posts. Very cool!

  6. Oh, what fun, dear Cecilia! Loved the pictures of you and Cecilia treasure shopping...such a sweet idea to meet up and enjoy some sweet time together!
    I have missed ''visiting'' with you...busy days I am afraid!
    Sending hugs and much love to you!

  7. Cecilia, you also had a spring in the picture of goodies...what will you do with it?

  8. What a fun day and you found some real treasures. I love what your friend did with the pulley, clever idea.

  9. I love Canton! Looks like you had fun and found some great stuff!

    1. We had great fun! I seriously love Canton! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I think I've heard of Canton Cecilia, and I'm glad I got a sneak peek at their treasures. And wow, did you two score!

    Now stop talking to yourself, ya' hear?



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