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Monday Musings

I discovered something this weekend...

The big fireplace at the farm no longer annoys me.

I'm not sure why as we've done nothing to it, but suddenly the space no longer makes me grit my teeth.

I'm relieved and I'm sure Bruce will be relieved. That's not to say I don't want a different mantel someday but for now I am ok with how it looks.

We had lots and lots of rain last week. The driveway is washed out in areas and Bruce will need to drag the dirt back up the hill.

The pond filled up:

And the creek is running.

I know in a short time both will dry up  but for now I'm enjoying it. The dogs love it too.

They are predicting temperatures in the 90's the early part of this week followed by a cool down into the 60's. Good old Texas weather.

They always say if you don't like the weather here just give it a day or two and it'll change. That's especially true during our Spring and Fall.

We took Bruce's mom to Tyler on Saturday and drove the Azalea trail. They are just starting to bloom. I saw a couple of yards that are going to be breath-taking in a couple of weeks...I have yard envy.

Some yards had lots of tulips blooming:

So, so pretty! They almost looked fake!

Then we spent a hour or so wandering through an antique/collectibles mall. I found this sweet fox:

He's waiting to take up residence in the art studio..I can just see him with a paint brush.


At the end of the day, the sun finally broke through the clouds. It made for a spectacular sunset.

Hope you have a great week!



  1. Such pretty spring photos, Cecelia...and I love that little fox, too!

  2. The tulips are magnificent. Being from south Alabama, I can appreciate the Azaleas. Sadly, they do not grow in the south Florida sand or I would have a yard full.

  3. Such gorgeous flowers! Those yards are amazing! My azaleas have been blooming for a few weeks now and will be finished soon. My camellias are almost finished blooming as well. I planted a few annuals for some color. I love that little fox you is so sweet! Glad you made peace with your fireplace. Have a great Tuesday!

  4. It's all so lovely!
    The Azalea trail sounds fun! I haven't been to Tyler in YEARS! maybe this weekend, who knows?
    Your pond and stream look like much of the same around here.
    Take care, have a great week.
    I think we were mid 80s today ourselves...

  5. I'm not liking this 92 degrees already! I wanted an extended spring, not a long hot summer. I was going to say "keep the boys out of the pond because the water moccasins might have been washed out, too!" But that's probably next to impossible! Do you have purple martins yet ? Mine came a couple days later than last year, but I already have 5 pairs. Unfortunately I found a dead male last weekend in one of the boxes. I don't know what happened, but it broke my heart. I love having those birds around...their sweet chatter just makes me smile when I wake up to the sound outside my bedroom window. We also love the sunsets from our porch. Texas has the prettiest! We lost a good friend 13 years ago and we always say that he painted another beautiful view for us.

  6. Cecilia ... your mantel looks so pretty decorated for Spring. Big = more decorations and I love the use of the leaded glass window and the empty frame. Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures of Spring flowers.
    Love the pretty scenes for your B. Farm also.

  7. Your mantel looks great! Isn't it great when the ponds and creeks fill up? Maybe we'll get lucky and it will keep raining periodically this year. Sure makes a difference in how things look and how we feel!

  8. I wasn't getting your updates, and I finally figured out its because my emails from househoneys are not being forwarded to foxdenrd! And here I thought you and almost everyone else fell off the face of the earth! Duh!

    I like your mantel Cecilia,and I'm glad you do too now. The photos of the flowers are truly inspirational, and just what I needs to see on this dreary, rainy day.


  9. I just noticed...can you change my blog name in your sidebar? Mucho thanks!


  10. Your weather sounds very much like ours in the UK. Hot weather one minute and freezing rain the next! Your mantel looks so beautifully rustic, gorgeous!


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