Friday, August 7, 2015

Progress on the Side Yard

I'm slowing making progress on the side yard but let's face it - it's way too hot to do much. I have gotten it weeded in front of the deck and have started further down the side of the house but it's slow going. I refreshed the gravel along the stepping stones and got some of the rock mulch down.

I need to go buy some more so I'm waiting for Bruce to be able to come with me so we can load it up in his truck.

I went yesterday and bought my succulents - I got them planted and I put a few decorative touches out also.

I put my little fairy in the succulent garden. I have a few other touches I'll add too:

My angel found a home under the rosebush:

And then some cute metal art:

Anyway, the bike will go against the fence as soon as I get the rest of my rocks down. Then it will be all about getting the deck restrained and the rest of the side yard tamed. Those two things may have to wait until cooler weather though. I'm pleased though with the progress I've made.

I hope you are staying cool! Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. It is coming along nicely. I love the succulents in the bird bath.

  2. Lookin' good! I can see a big difference already. It is so difficult to get much done in the heat. I totally understand. The humidity here has been awful. Have a great weekend. :)

    Hugs, VIcky

  3. Looking good, Cecilia ! You need to get up early to do anything outside these days ! So, wow, what is the deck doing that you need to RESTRAIN it ??? tee hee !

  4. Love your stone and gravel walk-way. Looks so neat. The metal art is cute and adds a bit of color. I tried succulents outside but I think the birds were pecking it and it just died. Take care in the heat.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. I completely understand about the heat Cecilia. It makes it so difficult to do things outside other than jump in a lake! lol

    In spite of the heat, you have managed to get quite a lot done! Your stone walk looks great, and the little fairy is darling!!

    Stay cool my friend, and have a great week :).


  6. Cecilia, I LOVE your path! It is coming along nicely and you are right--it is just too hot! Have a wonderful week!

  7. Looks like everything is coming along beautifully! Great progress!

  8. I LOVE your side yard - did you put that pathway down or was it there ?
    How charming - and those little angels !

  9. A very welcome side yard. The fairy made me smile, my mum has a fairy garden with little clothes lines and a gate in a wall. So sweet! x


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