Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Party

Now that the porch has been refreshed,
And the hard work on the bathroom remodel is all done,

It's time for a party!

I would love to host an end of Summer party and celebrate being done with the bathroom. Where do I  begin? Hm, first I need to choose a date and plan a menu - how about a Mexicali salad, a choice of chicken or shrimp tacos, and a frosty lemonade pie? And of course, plenty of icy, cold drinks!

Then I need to send out invitations! I found some adorable ones over at Paperless Post. They have so many to choose from and are a good source for unique designs. I found several that were perfect for my party - really cute designs!!

When I've got my invitations done, I'll set about creating the perfect party.

Here are my ideas:
#3source, #4source, #6source, #7source, #8source

We'll hang out on my newly refreshed back porch. You can read about it here (#1). I have comfy, colorful pillows, a drink dispenser (#2) to hold a cold, summery drink, and mason jar glasses on my drying rack from Canton.

I want to serve tacos so I'd love to get a tortilla warmer  (#3) and a taco rack (#4) or two. The galvanized bucket (#5) will be used to hold bottled drinks on ice.

What's a party without colorful string lights (#6)? I found these and would love to have them. The colors tie in perfectly with my pretty pillows!

I love this seagrass rug (#7) - I think it would be fun to paint it to go with my pillows, plus it folds up for easy storage!

A mason jar caddy with jars (#8) would be perfect to hold silverware and napkins.

Of course, since it's hot, we'll need a mister to help keep us cool. Bruce, can we get one?

We'll visit and catch up, show you our hard work on the awesome new bathroom, and get to enjoy our  friends in our favorite spot to hang out - the back porch! Hope to see you there!



  1. Looking forward to "the party" and what you will create from your inspiration!!

    1. I wish all my blogger friends could come in person. How I'd love to meet each one of you!

  2. What a great idea! You do know how to throw a wonderful party!

  3. Cecillia, you ARE waiting until fall to have this party, right ? I imagine your ice is gonna be melting pretty quickly out on the patio any time soon. We're having 101 this weekend. I hope it's a little bit cooler for you.

  4. What a spectacular party, Cecilia--I'd love to come!!

  5. It sounds fun and festive! fits your personality to a tee! I hope we get to make it :)

  6. Hi Cecilia! :)
    I love everything you chose to decorate! Can't wait to see it all done up! :)
    I bought that sea grass rug at World Market last weekend and it was on clearance in the store, marked down to $8 dollars and something!!!!
    Happy almost weekend! :)

  7. Cecilia, such fun party inspiration & perfect with your bright cheerful porch!

  8. These are just adorable ideas!! I am eagerly looking forward to the party. I hope it’ll definitely be a rocking party. At some local NY venues I am also going to host my daughter’s birthday party and will handle decoration party on my own. So please share some interesting ideas!


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