Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's Hot (But We Still Went To Canton)

Ok, I may have passed the line from "Canton Market Days are fun; to "Canton-obsessed". You see, my twin sister and I decided to go to Canton a couple of weekends ago in spite of the 100+ degree forecast that day. We got there early, went into Laurie Annna's and found this for the guest room:

then we drove over to the Market Days grounds, parked close (but not close enough by the end of the day...we were so hot and tired!), and away we went through the flea market area.

I knew I wanted more wire baskets for the bathroom and I knew where that vendor was (in a building) so we started outside knowing we could swing by and get the baskets last.

It heated up fast. We looked through the first stalls. Mm, I found a wall pocket to use with my found roadside bike. I'll be attaching it to the handle bars for a planter/basket:
Plan on repainting this
 and a  pretty bluebird plate to add to the guest room:

Plate detail. It's so pretty!

It got warmer...we saw a vendor with hats so stopped, bought one and laughed, saying we'd become our mom. :o) Best purchase of the day! It kept our brains from cooking. heh.

Then I found two adorable rocking horses to use as Christmas decor - first a small one, then the larger one:
Not sure yet if I'm going to paint the big one...I'm thinking not...just sand it and maybe stain it.

Next, a milk glass goblet (or is it a vase? I'm using it for a goblet!) and a pretty silver tray for the bathroom:

Then a "Loved" sign made with an old tin ceiling tile, also for the bathroom:
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I was also on the search for a  blue glass teacup...the final one so I can finally tackle that chandelier project. It took awhile but finally found one! 

Here's all five:
Five glass teacups for my candle chandelier I've been wanting to make
Won't they be pretty with candlelight twinkling through them?

Theresa also found some cool treasures - a Pyrex butter dish:

 a tool box filled with plants and the initial "R":

She put it on her old bench and added the rest of the lettering to spell "RELAX":

A duck basket to use for chips out on her deck and a pretty photo of some chili peppers (you can see it to the left of the duck):

Butterflies to decorate her side yard...she intends to paint them:

 and this cute metal toy refrigerator - just the right size to go on her back porch (it has shelves!) and store their outdoor shoes in (bonus - it keeps the dogs from getting them and chewing them up).

It was nice being there on a Thursday- the first day the market opens for the weekend, as the crowd was very light. We went, got the baskets, then had to give it up as the heat was oppressive. We managed to stay to about 2:30 but we normally stay until 5:00. Still, we got our Canton fix and found things we really wanted. :o)

I can't say I'll go in August again as it was just too hot - I'm not that obsessed - haha! I won't go in September -  I'll wait until October to give it time to cool off a bit. But oh my! How I love the thrill of the hunt! What fun!


  1. I wish I were close enough to go now and then. I've never been. It has to be overwhelming. But I'm willing to try. ;-)

  2. Wow! I wish I lived close enough to go there. Sounds like a fun day out with your sister. You both found some great things. I think my favorite is the pedestal milk glass goblet! I also love the idea you have for the wall pocket on the bike. So neat! Can't wait to see it complete. Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Some great finds Cecilia and what fun to have some time to spend with your twin sister. By-the-way ... love your hats. Love the wire basket and anxious to see what you do with the colorful glass cups and saucers.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. Hi Cecilia! :)
    I love everything you got! Love the butter dish and the tin love sign! Can't wait to see that chandelier, it will be so pretty with the colored glass cups!
    That was funny how you two thought you became your mother with the hats! ;)
    Have a great weekend!!

  5. So much to comment on! You and your sister look adorable in the hats, and your mother would be proud ;). Speaking of mothers, the butter dish reminded me of mine. I'm sure she had one just like it. I notice that happening fairly often when thrifting...seeing things that were in our home when I was a child. It's kind of weird actually, and really makes me feel old! lol

    Canton sounds fun, and what a great idea for shoe storage your sister had. The refrigerator looks full size in the picture, and I love the color. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!


  6. I didn't know you were a twin! I have twins and they are really close. Love all the Canton finds!

    Happy day friend!

    1. Yes, I am. We have always been close much to our other sisters' envy. (I don't think my brothers cared lol). Funny, the older we get the more we tend to look like each other. Actually, I think it may be more of our mannerisms being alike than anything else. Have you ever been to Canton?
      Have a great week! hugs,

  7. Oh my goodness, I STILL haven't gone! Some day sooner than later, I hope! Great finds and you and your sister are adorable in your hats ;)


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