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Ideas For The Bathroom

I've been working on ideas for redoing the bathroom. It's a nice-size but after living with it for three years, it's time to address the issues we have: 1. The way low vanity: I'm only 5'3" but it feels low to me! Annoying for me but what about for others who are taller? Very uncomfortable, I'd think! 2. The tub. Although it's a nice deep tub, it is starting to crack on the bottom. (Lacking support?) And don't get me started on trying to make it look clean! I've scrubbed and scrubbed but it still looks dingy. Gross. 3. White tile. Who in their right mind puts shiny, solid white tile on their bathroom floor? Ok, maybe you like that look; however, it's not for me! It shows every speck of dirt, every drop of water, footprint, whatever.! Needless to say, I've wanted to redo it. Here's my ideas: First off, the vanity. I saw this one at Pottery Barn and loved it's rustic look. The price?


When we bought our farm and I started blogging about it, I wanted a unique name that described not only the beautiful place but also everything we felt about it. I came up with several names: There was Three Crow Farm for the three crows that were always around, Belhaven was a resounding no, Tanglewood was a strong contender as the woods are very tangled from years of neglect but none ever really resonated with us. So we just called it "The B Farm" since our last name starts with a "B". Not very original but it worked. Fast forward almost three years. Bruce decided to cut down the dead trees along the driveway. There were a couple fairly close together - when he cut the second one, we saw this: A heart shaped trunk. Bruce cut some slices of it and then he causally said, "We can name the place 'Heartwood'". Oh. Yes. That's perfect. Our hearts have been completely captured by our beautiful littl

What I Love About My Bedroom

I'm in love with my bedroom at the farm. I wanted a peaceful, relaxing room to sleep in, with of course, some farmhouse whimsy thrown in. I think I achieved that!  Every time I walk in, I heave a deep sigh of happiness. Just what I was after! So what's my favorite part? That's a hard one - there are several things I love in this room. I love the color of my walls. I was a bit worried when I first started painting them that it was going to be too dark. It's not. Instead, the color adds a richness and cocooning feel that was lacking with the plain white walls. The curtains and furniture are neutral in color too. That way there isn't a lot of visual noise and I can control the amount of bright color by using accessories; in this case a few pops of color from my artwork and red accents, like the quilt Bruce's grandmother made us. Also, I really love my new rug - I bought an indoor/outdoor one - it's soft underfoot but has a great tex