Friday, April 24, 2015

Ideas For The Bathroom

I've been working on ideas for redoing the bathroom. It's a nice-size but after living with it for three years, it's time to address the issues we have:

1. The way low vanity:

I'm only 5'3" but it feels low to me! Annoying for me but what about for others who are taller? Very uncomfortable, I'd think!

2. The tub.
Although it's a nice deep tub, it is starting to crack on the bottom. (Lacking support?) And don't get me started on trying to make it look clean! I've scrubbed and scrubbed but it still looks dingy. Gross.

3. White tile.
Who in their right mind puts shiny, solid white tile on their bathroom floor? Ok, maybe you like that look; however, it's not for me! It shows every speck of dirt, every drop of water, footprint, whatever.!

Needless to say, I've wanted to redo it. Here's my ideas:

First off, the vanity. I saw this one at Pottery Barn and loved it's rustic look. The price? Not so much. Maybe Bruce could build one? Hm, he wasn't too keen on that idea. 

But then I saw this on Kim's blog, Tidbits & Twine:
Swoon! I love everything about it! Weathered, a piece of furniture, loads of character!

Bruce liked the idea of using an old piece of furniture too. He told me to start looking for the right piece. We measured and I started looking. Nothing. Everything was either too long or too short, drawers not in the right place, not the look I wanted, etc.

Then in Canton this month, I spied this:
To say I made a beeline for it is an understatement. I might of ran (well, almost).  It's the right size and configuration, solid wood, beautiful carving on it, AND I love how it's painted! The price was right too. Score! It came home with me. :-) 

Next, the floor. There are no tiles under the old vanity so that means I get new flooring! Woohoo!

Here's what I'm thinking of - wood look ceramic tiles:

I love the look of wood floors and with the ceramic tiles, I can have them in this space! 

Lastly, we're kicking around the idea of replacing the tub with a large walk-in shower; we hardly ever soak in the tub and in the future, getting in and out of a shower will be easier. (I know that's down the road but after dealing with that issue with a broken leg, I'm thinking of that). That said, being able to soak after a long day of working outside would be nice. But I'm really leaning toward a big shower -I'm just not sure yet. (Oh and before you ask, this is our only bathroom).

I'm excited to get started on this - just need to finalize the details/decisions and block out the time. Soon though, very soon!

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Hi Cecilia,

    It sounds like you have a plan! I don't know what it would be like to not have projects- even the planning.

    I enjoyed visiting and I am a new follower.

    Are you a Texan?

    I live in South Texas.

    White Spray Paint

    1. Hi Laura and welcome! Haha, I know what you mean...I don't know what I will do when the house is all "done". I could seriously redo houses for a living. :-)

      Yes, I'm a Texan. Born and raised in Austin; now in East Texas. Glad to have a fellow Texan following along. Now I'm off to visit your blog. See you soon!

  2. I love old dressers as vanities - yours looks perfect! I can't wait to see all you do in your bathroom!

    1. Karen,
      I am so excited! Never in a million years did I think I would have a vanity like this. I think with this being a secondary home Bruce is allowing me to try things out. Makes me happy to think it will be our forever home someday with all these fun touches.

  3. Right now... I'm totally ok with our vanity; however the sink needs to be replaced. There are cracks. :/
    If and when we get around to replacing...then I'd love piece of furniture for sure.
    As to walk in shower-- we've thought of that too. Our tub is fiberglass and certainly needs to be replaced. I love your choices.
    Canton, huh? Not too far from us!
    Can't wait to see it all finished up there @ heartwood. :)

    1. Pat,
      I could live with this vanity if I had to but the height (or I should say, lack of) on it is really annoying. I'm thrilled with my find! You so need to go to Canton. It's addicting. Head out to the flea area outside. That's where the bargains are although the pavilions have some good stuff too.
      I can't wait either. Need to figure out when we can get started!

  4. Cecilia, I love the look of vintage furniture in the bathroom--can't wait to see what you find for yours! I'm just under 5'3"--another thing we have in common ;)

  5. If I saw that vanity, I would have been running toward it so fast my feet would have been touching my head! It doesn't matter that I have no place to put it lol.

    Great choice about the flooring too Cecilia. It's all coming together, and isn't it fun to plan?

    1. Haha, my sister and friend wondered what I saw to make me dash off. They agreed it was perfect.
      I saw a different flooring which I'm thinking of...still a wood ceramic tile but it looks so real. And you're right, it's a blast to plan.

  6. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love the piece you found for your vanity. It's going to look SO GREAT, and you don't even need to refinish it! It's the best feeling when that happens after looking and looking. So happy for you. I love that wood look tile, too. I can't wait to see it all!

    1. Thanks Laurel! Trying to decide on the shower tile. Haven't found one I love yet but I will. :-)

  7. This is exciting Cecilia! We're going to re-do our bathroom next year and I want to start pinning some ideas now. I love the ceramic look wood, I might do that. We have a whirlpool tub which I hate! I hope to replace it with a soaking tub..... I look forward to seeing what you guys do.

    1. Thanks, Sherry! We bought the floor tile and have decided on a shower. Trying to finalize the shower tile and then it's demolition time!


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