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Porch Decorating For Fall

   I am so behind on getting my porches decorated for Fall but I finally got them done this past weekend.  First of all, the city porch. Here I don't have to worry about wildlife eating the plants and decor so I placed pumpkins, gourds, and mums: My metal donkey, Ee-ah, approves: Gourds in the lanterns: Then I put my landscape timber scarecrow out I made many, many years ago. He's been freshened up a time or two and probably could stand another refresh but for this year, he's fine. He holds his friend, the cloth black crow: Do you see Petey, the armadillo? He has a strand of lights inside to make him shine at night. I love my metal critters. And that is the city porch. ________________________________________________________________________________ At the farm, it's a different story. Since we're not there full-time, I don't want to leave anything out that the deer will eat or the weather ruin. I started with a real white pump

Colorful Pet Portraits

If you are coming over from Suzan's blog, " Simply Vintageous ", welcome! I'm so glad to have you. And I wish you the best of luck in the giveaway.  If you haven't don't know about it, click on the above link so you can enter. Soda I know you've seen Soda's painting I did but I want to share with you some others I've done or am working on: Buddy Herbie My colorful Pet Portraits started as a result of taking a fun class painting - you guessed it - Colorful Pet Portraits with acrylics. This was a "stepping out of my comfort zone" class - I'll share why in a bit. We had to send a photo of our pet so the canvas would be ready when we arrived. We could only have one pet in the photo, so I sent in Buddy's picture as I had a better photo of him. I had fun painting him but to be honest, I'd probably do it a little differently if I had to do it over again and had time to really think it out.  Still, not a bad firs

Fall/Halloween Reversible Sign

Remember the boards that gave me the wood sliver? They've been waiting for me to work on them and I finally got time to do so. I knew I wanted to do a Fall sign since Fall is my favorite time of year. I laid the boards out, painted the backgrounds, then all the details. Then I had a thought! Why not paint the backside so it could be a reversible sign? Ok! I think I will do a Halloween sign for the other side. Found some inspiration on Pinterest: source and came up with this: Yay! I now have two signs in one! Fall: Halloween: Which is your favorite side? Now all I have to do is wire it together and add the hanger. Then it's going to the farm! I'm off to decorate the front porch...From everyone else's posts, I'm obviously behind. :o) Here's a sneak peak at my scarecrow: He's an oldie but goodie. Have a great weekend! We're off to the farm. I can't wait! :o) Cecilia Please join me at these parties: Flusters

It's Time To Decorate For Fall, Y'all!

I am so excited! It's that time again! To pull out the Fall decorations and make everything look all Autumn-y (is that a word? It should be). (And I'm sorry, all my northern friends, but I am glad it's here!)  I am a traditional Fall color girl. I love the reds, oranges, and yellows of Fall. They are my favorite colors in the whole world and I love how God paints the landscape with them this time of year! Last year's leaf color We still have plenty of warm weather left here in Texas, but we've already had some hints of cooler weather to come and RAIN!! hurray! Of course, that has put me in the decorating mood. I put out an early Fall/late Summer look at the farm:  I love this little scarecrow, although I think he needs a different color of coat - like a red plaid. :o) Of course, the city house also needed its share of Fall splendor. I started with the buffet, adding a Fall pitcher with leaves, a mercury glass owl, some bronzed faux fruit, and

Fairy Garden Chair or An Inferiority Complex

 This is a story of an Inferiority Complex and how silly I feel for having one. I entered a contest called "Take A Seat". It benefits the Round Rock Art Council. Artists take or make chairs and decorate them anyway they want.  I acquired 5 of these chairs at a thrift shop...well, out of their dumpster. They were throwing them away as they had no seats and were in rough shape. I knew I could use them somehow so they came home with me. Of course, they were perfect for this endeavor. I had lots of ideas...Peacock chair, waterfall, or how about a fairy garden chair? I had lots of bark from the crepe myrtles that seemed perfect for the back to simulate a tree trunk. Ok! I like that idea. I started by spray painting it brown. Added a seat wrapped in moss, then started gluing the bark onto the back. I made the mushrooms using wine corks and the caps of burl acorns and the door from an old fence picket cut to take advantage of a small knot. A sliver jewelr

Fall Crafting and a Slight Mishap

Today, I am posting at On The Artist's Doorstep about my ongoing Art Studio redo. Please pop over and check out my stool makeover, my addition to my drafting table, and the studio reveal. I'm now ready to jump into my Fall crafting. I have a stack of fence pickets waiting to be transformed. Here's just a few: As a matter of fact, I started working on some of them for signage, and in the process of sanding them, drove a sliver of wood deep into my middle finger. Ouch. I tried to get it out but no luck. I finally caved in the next day and went into the minor emergency to let them dig it out. Mercy! A little overkill on the bandage though- lol Although it is still sore, it is better and I can feel it healing. Not as bad as the bandage above makes it seem. I am ready to tackle those signs. Oh! I'll be using the palm sander to sand those pickets from now on. In other news, I found out I won first place in Best in Show in the "Take A Seat" contes

Guest Room Bedside Table

I've been on the lookout for a taller table to use in the guest room. I had this drop-leaf one but it was too short for the bed and guests had to really reach down: Nothing I found worked - they were all too short and too expensive - then I came across this one at GW: It was the perfect height but missing its drawer and was very scratched up. But, it was sturdy and only $7! Of course I snatched it up and brought it home. I filled in the cracks and holes, primed it inside and out with Zinsser primer, then decided to add a small hole to the back for a charger cord. I knew I wanted the table to go with all my mom's furniture in the room, so I started by painting the inside Palladian Blue (Benjamin Moore): For the outside, I choose Old Masters Silver paint finishing with clear and dark wax. Oh so pretty! It is a much better height for the bed: The old drawer opening works really well for a charging cord: Much better and I love the silver color!