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Fairy Garden Chair or An Inferiority Complex

 This is a story of an Inferiority Complex and how silly I feel for having one.

I entered a contest called "Take A Seat". It benefits the Round Rock Art Council. Artists take or make chairs and decorate them anyway they want.

 I acquired 5 of these chairs at a thrift shop...well, out of their dumpster. They were throwing them away as they had no seats and were in rough shape. I knew I could use them somehow so they came home with me.

Of course, they were perfect for this endeavor. I had lots of ideas...Peacock chair, waterfall, or how about a fairy garden chair? I had lots of bark from the crepe myrtles that seemed perfect for the back to simulate a tree trunk. Ok! I like that idea. I started by spray painting it brown. Added a seat wrapped in moss, then started gluing the bark onto the back.

I made the mushrooms using wine corks and the caps of burl acorns and the door from an old fence picket cut to take advantage of a small knot. A sliver jewelry thing around it to define the "door knob", moss over the top and voila!

One of the mushrooms I turned into a mailbox with a little flag and a letter waiting to be picked up. I'm sorry it's blurry...I am taking a class to learn how to use my camera better. :o)

 I took an empty snail shell from the garden and then some homemade clay and made a snail body. Glued them together, then stitched a mail pouch with "letters".

Of course, it needed a pebble path:

I added a cute fairy figurine waiting on her mail and a bottle cap and spool became a bird bath and twigs tied with twine made an arch:

I named it "Snail Mail".

I felt so good about how it turned cute. Then I delivered it and saw some of the other entries -painted beautifully or amazingly clever like a tire chair. I started second guessing myself, wishing I'd gone with one of the other themes. I even called my husband and told him mine

I felt awful; second-rate artist and all. sigh. Told myself to get over it.

I was not able to go to the award ceremony the next day as we were moving our son. I forgot about the chair until I got an email informing me to come pick it up. Upon finding my chair, I saw a trophy sitting in front of my chair - "First Place:Best in Show".

Did I win? Was that mine? The volunteers there didn't know. They'd find out. But as I hadn't received a notification I'd won, I assumed it placed there in error. So I took my chair and went home.

I told my family about it. Sighed and said, "Oh well. It was fun to make." Decided I was going to pull it apart and use the pieces in a basket with plants. I wasn't ready to tackle that yet so I stuck the chair in the garage.

Later that day, I'm checking my email. I see one from ArtSpace. Could I please come back and pick up my trophy? Have my picture taken? They apologized for not notifying me of my win...crazy Summer and all. I was stunned. I won?!? Then a big smile broke out over my face and I laughed. Bruce and my daughter said we told you so.

I still can't believe it! But today, I will have the trophy to prove it. I'm thrilled to say the least. Will I ever doubt my creations again? Probably. But I'll try to remember the chair and get a grip on those feelings. And create on.

Have a great week!

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  1. So adorable! I finally get to see a picture of it!!! Why did you ever doubt yourself? LOL

    1. Haha, I don't know. The ones I saw were so fantastic but different, so I shouldn't have. :-)

  2. You have incredible vision and creativity! I can't believe you doubted yourself. It's incredible....:) Congratulations on the win!

    Blessings, Vicky

    1. Thank you, Vicky. It happens. What can I say? I need to quit comparing myself to others! :)

    2. :)...Just wanted to drop by and tell you that I received your comment, but I couldn't reply because you have once again been turned back into a no reply commenter. Sorry...I know it's aggravating, but wanted you to know...:)

    3. I went and fixed it. Thank you for letting me know. I wish Google+ would quit doing that.

  3. I had no doubt you created a winner. Your vision and ability to bring it to life is amazing. I love your project and send you the biggest congratulations on your win!

    1. Oh Jeanna, I do feel silly. I thought it was pretty good until I dropped it off and saw the others. I don't like it when I react that way. Sigh. Guess I'm still working on myself in that area. Thank you for your sweet words!

  4. I think we all tend to "doubt" our talents or creations..but I must say that you are so very talented and lots of people think so too!...That chair is amazing and it was such a great idea to make it a fairy garden!!!...Congratulations!!!!....Well deserved!

    1. Thanks Shirley. I feel so silly for feeling that way. And very surprised to have won. Still smiling over that! :o)

  5. That is the cutest! Congrats on your well deserved win - please congratulate the snail for me too!!

    1. Thank you and I'll definitely tell the snail! He's my favorite part of the whole thing!

  6. Con grats! Very inventive a GREAT twist on a fairy garden. Love it!

  7. Oh Cecilia! It's absolutely adorable!! I'm in love :).

    I think there's so much talent out there it's easy to feel like we don't quite measure up, but take it from me mon ami, YOU most certainly do!

    Sorry I'm so late in commenting on this. I've been without wifi at the Cape but I'm back in action now ;)

    1. Thank you Doreen! You are so sweet. I hope you had a fabulous time...looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  8. Oh my gosh Cecilia - this is the cutest thing ever !
    The snail mail - I have a big smile on my face - too cute for words !

    1. Haha, I know! I love that snail. I'm thinking of painting a picture of it. :-)

  9. Cecilia, Somehow I missed this last week. You deserved to win--CUTEST THING EVER! I can relate though, seems us creative types do allow comparison to rob our joy at times. Good lesson for all of us. Thanks for sharing your heart and your adorable creation! Blessings, Cecilia

  10. what a wonderful chair and a wonderful story.

    1. I still can't believe it won! Thanks for stopping in. :)


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